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Harbour Litigation Funding Limited

This content is provided by Harbour Litigation Funding Limited.

Chief Executive Officer: Martin Tonnby
Number of employees: 28
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese

Overview & History:
Harbour is the largest privately-owned litigation funder, having raised over $$1.475bn of third-party capital since inception. Established in 2007, Harbour has funded over 120 claims, with arbitrations under 6 arbitral forums and litigation in 15 jurisdictions. With 16 dedicated investment professionals, each with a designated jurisdictional focus and dispute type specialism.

At its most basic level, what Harbour does is very simple. Harbour pays legal bills and protect parties against adverse costs if their claim turns out to be unsuccessful. In exchange, a claimant agrees that we take a pre-agreed portion of the damages if their claim is successful.

At a more granular level, what we offer is a range of funding products.
These include:
■ Single case funding – a single claim supported by Harbour’s capital
■ Portfolio funding – two or more claims supported by Harbour’s capital
■ Funding facility – a recourse loan to help a law firm manage contingent revenues
■ Monetisation – a single claim acquired by Harbour
■ Insuring litigation costs – insuring against the costs and risks of litigation, provided by the wider Harbour Solutions Group ©

Each of these claims can relate to a variety of different types of dispute including:
■ Arbitration
■ Competition
■ Construction disputes
■ Enforcement
■ General commercial disputes
■ Group actions
■ Intellectual property
■ Insolvency

All of which we can support anywhere in the world where litigation funding is permitted.

Key Clients:
There are a many different groups that can benefit from Harbour’s services. Individuals, corporates, advisors, and law firms regularly solicit Harbour’s services, but anyone looking to mitigate the costs and risk of litigation could become a client.