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Managing Partner: Amin Hajji
Number of partners: 2
Number of lawyers: 9
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish

Firm Overview:

Hajji & Associés is an independent Moroccan law firm which has developed since the Mid-nineties high level expertise in the international business field.
The activities of the firm cover particular areas of international finance, company’s restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, energy and infrastructure, market entry plans, IT law, commercial litigation and international arbitration.
The firm has implemented modern management methods. It is formed with a team of lawyers having high academic background with a level of doctoral studies in law with the complete knowledge of four languages including English and Spanish. In addition, Hajji & Associés ensure strict compliance with ethical rules on professional secrecy and independence.
The firm maintains privileged professional relationships with large international law firms who generally support their clients investment projects in Morocco with the assistance of Hajji & Associés.
Historically, Hajji & Associé

s portfolio clientele is mainly composed of foreign international investors mainly multinational companies from Anglo-Saxon countries.

Main Areas of Practice:  

Project Finance:
An important aspect of the firm’s international works relates to public procurement and concession projects in number of sectors, such as public utilities including solar, wind farms and thermic energy power projects and integrated tourism and resort projects in various Moroccan regions. The majority of the firm’s legal services are afforded to international investors being project developers or constructors or international financing banks.

Banking & Finance:
The firm’s banking and finance practice is very wide as it may relate to aircraft’s acquisition financing to euro financial transactions namely for assets acquisitions and national economy financing. It also intervenes in securities transactions and moreover on derivative ones.

Mergers & Acquisitions:
The firm corporate law activity is extensive and increasingly international clients entrust to the firm all of their corporate high level legal needs including their restructuring either further any entities mergers or assets acquisitions.

Information Technologies & Intellectual Properties:
The firm’s IT & IP activity is wisely increasing with the specialisation in personal data protection, encryption, electronic signature and in trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyright protection rights.

Commercial Litigation & Arbitration:
The firm is very selective in representing its clients before Moroccan commercial courts and all the pending cases relate to high profile subjects which need outstanding proceedings mastering day to day follow up with foreign international law firms assisting their clients in said disputes. Since 2008, the firm has been mainly involved in international institutional and ad hoc arbitrations.