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Managing Director: Jay Eisenhofer

Firm Overview:
G&E’s continued commitment to excellence is evident through the firm’s unparalleled results achieved on behalf of many of the world’s largest institutional investors. G&E’s practice offerings include US and international securities litigation and arbitration, corporate governance, shareholder activism, antitrust, bankruptcy, intellectual property litigation, public entity representation, environmental disaster, civil rights, consumer protection, and false claims litigation. G&E has an outstanding international reputation, with significant experience managing securities actions in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, the Netherlands, and Portugal. For over 20 years, G&E has remained a recognized leader in the area of complex litigation.

Main Areas of Practice:  

US Securities Litigation:
G&E has built an international reputation as a leader in US securities litigation, including class actions and opt-out cases. G&E has been lead counsel in many of the largest securities class action recoveries in US history, including a $3.2 billion recovery against Tyco International and multi-hundred million dollar recoveries against companies such as Pfizer, Refco, Marsh & McLennan, and General Motors. G&E works with public and private institutional investors across the globe as lead plaintiffs, and was the first law firm in the country to successfully argue the provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act allowing an institutional investor to be appointed lead plaintiff in a securities class action.

International Securities Litigation & Arbitration:
G&E’s attorneys have significant experience in international securities litigation matters, having overseen cases as global counsel in non-US jurisdictions and asserted claims in US cases under foreign law. G&E achieved a $1.5 billion settlement with Fortis in the Netherlands, and a $1 billion recovery against Royal Bank of Scotland in the UK, among other notable settlements. G&E was the first US-based law firm to initiate securities litigation in an international jurisdiction on behalf of institutional investors, and is currently involved in matters throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia. G&E also advises institutional investors with regard to international arbitrations.

Corporate Governance:
G&E’s experience in corporate governance, M&A, appraisal, and other shareholder actions is second to none. The firm has achieved considerable benefits for shareholders in connection with corporate transactions and breach of fiduciary duty claims, including a $420 million settlement against Digex, Inc., the largest reported settlement in Delaware Chancery Court history. G&E has obtained landmark results in litigation over companies’ corporate governance practices and achieved significant victories in the area of back-dated options.

Shareholder Activism:
G&E’s shareholder activism practice provides strategic and tactical advice and due diligence to hedge funds, pension funds, asset managers, and individuals on all aspects of active ownership. G&E supports clients with a unique skill set, including corporate and securities laws, investor relations, corporate governance, environmental and social issues, and litigation.

Antitrust Litigation:
G&E’s antitrust practice group prosecutes complex actions on behalf of individuals and corporations of all sizes. G&E serves as lead or co-lead counsel in antitrust actions involving claims against manufacturers for monopolization, illegal price fixing, and other violations—resulting in settlements on behalf of direct purchasers totaling well over $1 billion.

Bankruptcy Litigation:
G&E represents ad hoc and official committees, institutional and distressed investors, indenture trustees, litigation trustees, and other parties in litigation arising out of major US Chapter 11 bankruptcies and other US and offshore/cross-border insolvency matters.

Intellectual Property Litigation:
G&E’s intellectual property litigation group handles complex IP cases including patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and all aspects of IP law. G&E’s intellectual property litigation group assists clients in understanding their IP rights and the options available to enforce those rights against infringers.

Public Entity Representation:
G&E represents public entity clients in a wide variety of litigation matters, including federal and state securities fraud, environmental litigation, false claims, antitrust, and consumer fraud. G&E provides litigation services to public entities including state Attorneys General as well as state and local government agencies and municipalities.

Environmental Disaster Litigation:
G&E’s environmental disaster litigation group represents individuals, businesses, and public entities significantly injured by the misconduct of utility companies, chemical manufacturers, and industrial polluters. The group focuses on environmental catastrophes arising out of the negligence of corporations as well as natural resource damages caused by hazardous chemicals.

Civil Rights Litigation:
G&E represents victims of injustice, fighting for people whose civil rights have been violated. The practice litigates matters involving private prison abuse, wrongful incarceration, Section 1983 claims, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other egregious civil rights violations.

Consumer Protection Litigation:
G&E’s consumer protection litigation group investigates and prosecutes claims on behalf of consumers injured by the wrongful acts of manufacturers and retailers. Firm attorneys lead cutting-edge cases involving defective or misleadingly-marketed products including automobiles and computers.

False Claims Litigation:
G&E is a national leader in pursuing litigation under the federal and state False Claims Acts. In particular, G&E has successfully represented whistleblowers in allegations of wrongdoing in major Justice Department enforcement actions in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries, including a $2.3 billion recovery in a case against Pfizer.