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Gouveia Pereira, Costa Freitas & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, R.L. (GPA)

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This content is provided by Gouveia Pereira, Costa Freitas & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, R.L. (GPA).

Managing Partner: Sofia Gouveia Pereira
Number of partners: 7
Number of lawyers: 90

Firm Overview:
GPA is an independent Portuguese law firm founded on July 1st 2005 and since then has been growing in a sustained way, having circa ninety lawyers with expertise in various fields of the law. GPA, through its network of law firms ‘GPA Network’, is present throughout the Portuguese territory, with offices in all the country’s district capitals, also marking its presence in the Portuguese Speaking African Countries, specifically in Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe. GPA has adopted as its mission ‘Teaming with our Clients - Building Trust’, which is its commitment and concern to build and maintain lasting relationships with its clients. The mission is to make GPA one more member of a client’s team, always available, and a strategic player in their business.

Main Areas of Practice:

Corporate, M&A:

3 partners, 15 fee earners
GPA renders its clients legal advice regarding the most appropriate way of developing their business, proposing and drafting the adequate corporate structure, rendering advice on corporate governance matters, carrying out all necessary formalities and registrations and handling all the subjects related therein. GPA also renders full assistance on the termination and liquidation of companies. Regarding mergers and acquisitions, GPA renders advice to its clients, namely by defining a structuring model of the transactions, as well as the analysis and drafting of all documents for transaction to take place. GPA also renders legal due diligence services in order to identify eventual constraints which may, from a legal point of view, affect prices or guarantees.
Contacts: Sofia Gouveia Pereira, Margarida Lino Santos
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Banking, Finance & Compliance:
3 partners, 15 fee earners and 2 specialist lawyers (partners) in financial law recognised by the Portuguese Bar Association
GPA leading lawyers in this area have an experience of circa 25 years advising on banking and financial law. GPA assures legal assistance in the incorporation, restructuring and liquidation of credit institutions and financial companies, including the establishment of EU and non-EU institutions in Portugal, advising on all related compliance and regulatory issues. GPA assures all steps of the procedures and assists its clients in the communication with all relevant regulatory authorities, covering also matters related to corporate governance, labour, data protection, intellectual property and all other legal issues that may arise. GPA also has vast experience in all matters related to the lending activity of the credit institutions, namely in the arrangement, drafting, negotiation and execution of all kinds of financial agreements, whether syndicated or not, regarding both national and cross-border transactions, including also the respective restructuring and refinancing. GPA also advises on the negotiation and execution of all kinds of credit collaterals, namely, and among others, mortgages, financial pledges, escrow accounts and ancillary instruments. Provided the inexistence on any conflict of interests, GPA is also available to provide its assistance to the Borrowers (whether Portuguese or foreign) in the above transactions.
Contacts: Sofia Gouveia Pereira, Leonor Costa Freitas
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Real Estate & Tourism:
1 partner, 8 fee earners based in Lisbon and 3 in Cape Verde
GPA provides its clients with real estate assistance within its various aspects both in Portugal and in the Portuguese Speaking African Countries, with special relevance to Cape Verde, including planning, structuring, negotiation and execution of several operations with real estate assets such as due diligences, acquisitions and sales of assets, structuring groups of real estate companies, licensing of real estate projects, construction and structuring contracts and financing of real estate projects. GPA also has vast experience in advising clients about tourism projects in Portugal and in the Portuguese Speaking African Countries, with special relevance to Cape Verde, including all matters relating to approvals and licensing, management contracts, lease or franchising, permits and classification of resorts and all legal issues related to the implementation and management of resorts, hotels, shopping centers, golf courses, etc.
Contact: Anselmo Sarsfield Costa Freitas
Email: [email protected]

1 partner, 5 fee earners
The GPA lawyers responsible for this area have vast experience in the incorporation and/or daily operation of insurance and insurance mediation companies, as well as all the aspects related thereto, namely the preparation, drafting and reviewing of insurance contracts and insurance policies in both life and non-life classes and all the regulatory issues that may arise. In what concerns the life insurance class, GPA possesses a notable experience with Unit-Linked insurances. GPA provides full assistance related with disputes and litigations arising out or in connection with the life and non-life insurances classes, having a strong expertise in litigation related to D&O policies.
Contact: José Limón Cavaco
Email: [email protected]

Data Protection & Privacy:
2 partners, 15 fee earners
The firm has circa 20 years of legal assistance in this area, covering all the needs of its clients, from the registration of data basis up to the assistance in the context of complaints submitted by data subjects and the legal representation in complex litigation pertaining privacy issues. This vast experience has allowed GPA’s data protection team to develop a solid know-how enabling the same to assist its clients promptly and efficiently. GPA’s team includes 12 Data Protection Officers duly certified by the Irish Computer Society, and one partner certified by the IAPP (CIPP/E), placing GPA in the best conditions to provide this service to its clients. Moreover the entry into force of European Regulation number 2016/679 that approves the new data protection legal framework, has increased the obligations of all entities, ‘internalising’ the same in them. In sum, the services provided in this area could be briefly described as: regulatory/audit/DPO/preliminary information requests/ litigation/training.
Contacts: Margarida Lino Santos, Leonor Costa Freitas
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]