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Managing Partner: Mr Osayaba Giwa-Osagie
Number of partners: 2
Number of other lawyers: 18
Languages: English

Firm Overview:
Giwa-Osagie & Company is a medium sized company that focuses on corporate and commercial law. The firm is comprised of a team of dedicated and efficient lawyers with fast turnaround. It has achieved a high level of professionalism in its various transactions and maintained its position as one of the leading law firms in Nigeria. The firm provides quality legal services at reasonable rates and provides development opportunities for its lawyers in order to achieve maximum potential. Giwa-Osagie & Co. has 30 years experience in major areas such as oil and gas, power, mining, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, foreign investment, maritime, telecommunications and information technology, general legal advisory, regulatory enforcement and compliance, litigation, real estate and insurance, amongst many others.

Main Areas of Practice:

Power Projects:
■ Advising multinational companies on power purchase agreements (PPA), independent power producer (IPP) projects, power generation and power distribution projects
■ Reviewed the implementation agreement between a state government and corporate entities relating to a hydroelectric generating dam project
■ Advised a power plant company on the interpretation of certain clauses in a power plant agreement in line with applicable Nigerian laws
Key Clients: Lafarge Africa PLC

Oil & Gas:
■ Advising oil and gas companies in Nigeria on compliance with the Local Content Act
■ Reviewed the EPC contract in respect of an offshore construction for a multinational oil company to the value of $201 million
■ Reviewed the gas pipeline construction agreement between a multinational cement company and a contractor
■ Reviewed the guaranty agreement, the reimbursement and credit agreement, and letters of credit in relation to a gas supply agreement between a multinational oil company and a local company to the value of $140 million
Key Clients: National Oilwell Varco, Nov Oil and Gas Services Limited, Total Nigeria PLC, Mobil Producing Nigeria Limited, Shell Petroleum Services Company, Joule Processing

Banking & Finance:
■ Reviewed the receivable financing agreement and the promissory note in respect of a credit transaction to the value of USD13.4 million
■ Advised a South African based telecommunications company on the legality of a proposed $500m guarantee by its Nigerian subsidiary in its senior unsecured term loan and revolving credit facility
■ Advised a French public specialised financial institution on its Euro 5,000,000 loan to a Micro-finance Bank in Nigeria for the development of a housing project in Nigeria
■ Reviewed an off-shore financing transaction for an international bank in the sum of $4.5 million
■ Advising an International bank on banking laws and regulations in Nigeria
Key Clients: Deutsche Bank, Keystone Bank Limited, ICAP Africa Brokers Limited

Capital Market & Securities:
■ Advised a multinational cement company on its N700 million divestment of interest from a fully owned subsidiary
■ Appointed as solicitors to a multinational cement company in its N50 billion secured bond issue
■ Appointed as solicitors in raising N5 billion in the first Delta State floating rate redeemable revenue bond
■ Appointed as Solicitors to the issuer of N10 billion Sukuk bond to be issued by Niger state Government of Nigeria
■ Appointed as Transaction Solicitors to a Nigerian Bank and its Insurance Company on the recapitalisation of their share capital in Nigeria in line with regulatory directives
Key Clients: Lafarge Africa PLC, Niger State Government of Nigeria, Keystone Bank Limited and Keystone Bank Limited Insurance

Telecommunications & Information Technology:
■ Advising on the legal framework for operating in this sector, ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations and obtaining operational licenses
■ Representing an Abu Dhabi based multinational telecommunications company in proceedings against a Gibraltar registered telecommunications service provider to realise its assets
■ Appointed as legal advisers and consultants by a multinational telecommunications company to advise on the privatisation of NITEL
Key Clients: Ceragon Networks Limited, Vodacom Business Nigeria, Samsung Electronics, Vodafone Group PLC, Thuraya Communications Company

■ Advised a client in creating a legal mortgage of an aircraft in the sum of N526 million
■ Assisting international carriers in obtaining all requisite permits from the relevant regulatory authorities
■ Representing international carriers in a variety of aviation claims/litigation in Nigeria
■ Rendering diverse legal opinions and advice on various aspects of international carriage and the applicable laws
■ Diligently registered Aircrafts for renowned carriers in Nigeria
Key Clients: Emirates Airlines, Private Airline Services Limited, Arik Air Limited

■ Advised a cement company on its US$270 million cement plant expansion project and its captive power plant project. This involved reviewing and advising on the turnkey EPC contracts
■ Advised a multinational cement company on its $500 million expansion programme at Ewekoro Cement Plant. The project involved reviewing the engineering, procurement and construction contract, reviewing the operations and management agreement as well as the power purchase agreement
■ Appointed by the International Finance Corporation as the project adviser for the construction of Hotel Sofitel, in Ikoyi-Lagos
Key Clients: Lafarge Africa PLC

Mergers & Acquisitions:
■ Advised an international multinational company on premerger and post completion matters in a $70 million integration and acquisition transaction
■ Legal adviser to a telecommunications company in its $280 million acquisition of 75% equity interest in a Nigerian company
■ Advised a Nigerian bank on the divestment of its equity investment both locally and internationally. The Bank had 100% equity interest in a Health Maintenance Organisation for a value of N750,000,000.00
■ Advising a South African Holding company on its acquisition of 100% equity interests in three (3) Nigerian companies
■ Advising an American Multinational financial services corporation in its acquisition of 20% equity interest in a Nigerian Company
Key Clients: Visa

Foreign Investments:
■ Advising an Israeli based company on its proposed entrance into the Nigerian market
■ Advising an American manufacturing company in its business entry into Nigeria and compliance with regulatory authorities
■ Advised a South Korean engineering company on its proposed operations in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria
■ Appointed transaction solicitors to the Client on its foreign direct investment in Nigeria
Key Clients: American Embassy, Arcus Gibb Nigeria Limited, Xerxes Global Investment, Monster Energy Company, Visa

Litigation & Dispute Resolution:
■ Assisted a multinational oil company in resolving disputes arising out of their contract with a service company in respect of their offshore construction to the value of $201 million
■ Representing an international architectural and design company in arbitral proceedings against a state owned business resort company to recover its fees for services provided to the company under the architectural services agreement in the sum of $3 million
■ Representing a multinational oil company in arbitration involving a construction company for wrongful termination of a construction contract in a geological field, with a contract sum of N1,600,000,000.00
■ Representing international airlines in various matters arising from claims for compensation and damages by their customers
■ Negotiated the restructuring of a $13 million loan involving a Nigerian telecommunications company and a foreign company based in Geneva
Key Clients: GCB Bank Limited, Emirates Airlines, Mobil Producing Nigeria Limited, Lafarge Africa PLC, Shell Petroleum Development Company, Union Bank of Nigeria PLC, Total Nigeria PLC, AMCON

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