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Managing Partners: Dr iur Johannes Gasser LLM, Dr iur Hannes Arnold MBL-HSG, MA HSG Thomas Nigg LLM
Number of partners: 9
Number of lawyers: 18
Number of consultants: 3
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Firm Overview:
GASSER PARTNER is an international, independent law firm that primarily represents clients before courts and the authorities and advises them in all areas of the law. As one of the leading law firms in Liechtenstein, the firm has been able to deepen and expand its knowledge and experience over decades, particularly in the field of business law.

Due to the location of the firm’s offices in Vaduz, Zurich and Vienna and its regular, close collaboration with foreign law firms, GASSER PARTNER has excellent global links. Owing to the size and expertise, GASSER PARTNER has specialists in every area of the law, enabling them to efficiently solve complex, international cases.

Main Areas of Practice:

Administrative Law
Banking, Finance, Regulatory & FinTech
Competition Law & Intellectual Property
Corporate & Commercial Law
Criminal Law
Data Protection
Employment Law
Foundations & Trusts
Private Clients, Asset & Succession Planning
Real Estate
Tax Law

Private Clients, Asset & Succession Planning:
GASSER PARTNER has a long tradition of advising families and private clients (in particular high-networth individuals) in asset planning and inheritance law. In particular, consultancy in the trustee sector has always been one of GASSER PARTNER’s core competencies.

GASSER PARTNER establishes Liechtenstein foundations, trusts, stock corporations and complex international structures for optimal asset planning in collaboration with leading Liechtenstein trust companies. Asset planning includes both the estate planning of individuals and the maintenance of companies. The firm supports and advises upon the setting up and management of companies and structures. In court, GASSER PARTNER represents foundations and boards of directors to protect companies and structures and represents beneficiaries intending to assert claims against companies and structures. Furthermore, the firm assists its clients in procedures concerning wills, donations, matrimonial property contracts, inheritance contracts, estates and trusts, both before Liechtenstein and foreign courts.

Arbitration has always been a key aspect of GASSER PARTNER’s work. The firm covers all areas of civil law, in particular the key fields of business and corporate law, including foundation and trust law. Arbitration plays a particularly important role in trust and corporate law because it ensures confidentiality and prompt resolution. The firm’s partners are frequently appointed as arbitrators and are senior members of the Liechtenstein Arbitration Association. The quantity, quality and wealth of experience enables them to work on large and complex international cases and to cooperate with international colleagues. GASSER PARTNER published an English book on litigation and arbitration in Liechtenstein, providing its clients and affiliated lawyers with an insight into the prevailing legal situation.

Litigation has always featured heavily in GASSER PARTNER’s work. The firm covers all aspects of law, in particular the key fields of business and corporate law, including foundation and trust law. If a case cannot be settled out of court, GASSER PARTNER represents its clients before Liechtenstein courts, administrative authorities and arbitration panels regarding all of the above fields of law. Liechtenstein’s procedural law offers a variety of means to assert a party’s claims, so GASSER PARTNER provides its clients with comprehensive advice in order to determine the best way to proceed.

Corporate & Commercial Law:
GASSER PARTNER supports its clients in the establishment and management of companies and structures. Furthermore, the firm advises and represents companies throughout domestic and international mergers, drafting agreements for the merging companies, their shareholders and directors. Moreover, the firm conducts related due diligence reports. Following the termination of a company or structure, GASSER PARTNER processes the liquidation or bankruptcy. As regards commercial law, GASSER PARTNER drafts contracts regarding licensing, franchising, intellectual property and investments.

Foundations & Trusts:
GASSER PARTNER supports and advises its clients regarding the establishment and management of foundations, trusts and other bodies. Moreover, the firm represents beneficiaries intending to assert claims. GASSER PARTNERs further specialises in challenging and defending foundations and trusts in international and cross-border litigation and arbitration.

Banking, Finance, Regulatory & Fintech:
Advising and representing national and international banks, insurers, asset managers, investment firms, fund managers, payment service providers, trust companies and other financial service providers are a core strength and traditional focus of GASSER PARTNER. The firm assists financial service providers at every possible stage of the company life-cycle. GASSER PARTNER advises and assists during the establishment and licensing process, in relation to mergers, acquisitions or reorganisation and day-to-day business activities, marketing, governance and compliance. The firm provides legal opinions for industrial associations (for example ISDA) and for individual products and business models. GASSER PARTNER represents and advises in a wide variety of national and international transactions and placements, the development of commercial and retail products and distribution, and the drafting of contracts and general business terms.

Real Estate:
GASSER PARTNER advises companies and private clients who hold or intend to acquire or dispose of property in Liechtenstein. The firm also advises and represents its clients in all areas of construction law in Liechtenstein and draft property and construction contracts.

Data Protection:
In recent years, the protection of personal data has gained enormous importance for companies and individuals alike. Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force, data protection has also acquired greater significance from the legal perspective, posing new challenges for companies and individuals.

GASSER PARTNER advises and supports their clients in meeting the challenges of both GDPR and national data protection law. Together with its clients, the firm develops industry-specific data-protection solutions and supports them in the implementation of a GDPRcompliant workflow. GASSER PARTNER assists their clients in answering specific inquiries in the field of data protection law as well as serving and advising them in their capacity as a Data Protection Officer.

Employment Law:
The increasing flexibility of the labor market constantly offers not only new opportunities but also fresh challenges to employers and employees alike. Proactive personnel planning, organisation and structuring is essential to company success. GASSER PARTNER offers comprehensive consulting in all areas of individual and collective employment law; the firm also comprehensively advises employees regarding their statutory and contractual options.

GASSER PARTNER advises and represents private clients (especially high-net-worth individuals) and companies from Liechtenstein and abroad. The firm’s institutional clients include, among others, banks, asset managers, fiduciary service providers, insurance companies, fund administrators and local and foreign authorities.


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