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FASV - Freire Assis Sakamoto Violante

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FASV - Freire Assis Sakamoto Violante

FASV - Freire Assis Sakamoto Violante

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+ 55 11 3096 4300

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Provided by FASV - Freire Assis Sakamoto Violante
Brazil: Contentious
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Partners: Gabriel Antonio Soares Freire Junior (Founding Partner) | Amilcar Sakamoto (Managing Partner) | Rafaela Oliveira de Assis | João Carlos Violante | Alexandre Gereto de Mello Faro
Total number of members: 53

Firm Overview:
Since 1999 FASV Advogados has been in the market providing solutions for highly complex issues in the litigation and corporate environment, mainly in the context of the financial and capital markets.

The firm combines legal knowledge and financial expertise, standing out for advising investors, funds, companies under restructuring and investment banks, Brazilian and foreign, in the market of special situations, judicial assets, payments owed by the Public Treasury, insolvency, distressed assets, distressed M&A, structured operations and credit rights in general.

Our team is highly qualified, multidisciplinary, and experienced. We act in the main special situations and insolvency cases in Brazil, besides being part of strategic committees of companies and investment funds, prioritizing partnership and proximity with our clients.

Our model aims to use the legal mechanism as a means to obtain efficient and assertive solutions to our clients' businesses, with a focus on the practical and financial results of the projects we work on.

Main Areas of Practice: 


The firm has been advising some of the largest investments made in Brazil in judicial assets and special situations practices.

FASV Advogados is recognized for its wide experience in this market, acting for several investment funds in theses of investments in payments owed by the Public Treasury, credit rights against the IAA - Instituto Açúcar e Álcool, large expropriations and also private claims.

In the last 10 years, FASV Advogados has acted in all segments of the judicial claims market, from high/low yield, long/short term, having assisted dozens of operations involving investments above BRL 15 billion, as well as hundreds of middle-market operations (up to BRL 100 million).

FASV Advogados’ partners actively participate in strategic funds investment committees operating in this market.

Our experience includes:

  • Analysis of opportunities, implementation, and settlement of payments owed by the Public Treasury, non-performing credits, and judicial and arbitration credit rights.
  • Active participation in projects involving the purchase and sale of these assets in complex environments, sometimes providing co-management and specialized consulting services in investment funds in non-standard FDIC-NPs credit rights.
  • Performing due diligence and drafting audit reports, opinions, legal opinions on demonstrating the feasibility and risks of the operations.
  • Preparation of all instruments necessary to implement the purchase and sale transactions of these assets.
  • Representation after the acquisition of these assets to obtain settlements of acquired credits in the judicial, arbitral, or administrative sphere.

FASV Advogados’ partners, for over 10 years, have been participating in the largest and most relevant cases of insolvency and restructuring in Brazil.

The performance of FASV Advogados in this area stands out for the advice of:

  • Companies under restructuring, as well as in judicial and extrajudicial recovery processes;
  • Banks and Investment funds operating in this market, including, financing (DIP Financing) and acquisition of stressed assets and acquisition/incorporation of companies;
  • Investors operating alternative theses in the distressed assets market, in the context of liquidations and bankruptcies; and
  • Creditors in strategic positions in restructuring, judicial and out-of-court reorganization, and bankruptcy proceedings.

Our Insolvency and Restructuring team operates in a multidisciplinary and integrated manner, combining litigation, negotiation, tax and financial expertise, enabling the

The partners' practice includes participation in strategic committees of companies and investment funds, advisory boards of companies, as well as acting in cross-border cases.

FASV Advogados provides tax advice to companies, investment funds and banks on contentious (judicial and administrative) and advisory tax issues.

Our performance is multidisciplinary, offering a complete view, considering alternatives, benefits and possible risks, and focusing on tax solutions on a case by case basis.

The focus of our tax team's work involves:

  • Tax planning for liability restructuring and investment projects;
  • Raising tax credits to foster cash flow for companies under restructuring;
  • Development of legal theses created individually, according to the client's reality; and
  • Performing due diligence and tax audits.

The firm acts in paradigmatic cases in tax matters and combines this expertise to make investments in our other areas of practice.

Our team has extensive experience in highly complex and strategic litigation, mainly involving indemnities against direct and indirect public administration, corporate contracts, financial and capital markets, banking law, and insolvency.

Our performance is guided by the search for the best solution for our clients, combining combative performance with expertise in negotiation and conflict resolution. We act, therefore, in pre-litigation and preventive matters, to avoid litigation, exploring new business opportunities creatively and effectively.

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1309 | 1st floor
Jardim Paulistano | CEP: 01452-002
São Paulo | SP | Brazil

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +55 11 3096 4300

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Provided by FASV - Freire Assis Sakamoto Violante

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