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Estudio Jurídico Rodríguez Mourullo

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This content is provided by Estudio Jurídico Rodríguez Mourullo.

Number of lawyers: 10
Languages: Spanish, English, French

Firm Overview:
Estudio Jurídico Rodríguez Mourullo was founded in 1971. From said year until the present time, the firm has been providing highly specialised legal assistance in the area of financial and corporate criminal law, and is currently a leading reference within this legal discipline. Formality, discretion, rigorousness, ethics, respect for deontological norms and a permanent quest for excellence in its work and client relations are the pillars upon which the professional practice of the firm is based. The firm likewise has a strong teaching vocation which encourages its presence and participation in the academic world.

Main Areas of Practice:
The firm’s professional practice focuses on the following types of proceedings:
■Offences of fraud and other offences against property (swindle, misappropriation, damages)
■Punishable insolvency offences (asset concealment and punishable bankruptcy proceedings)
■Offences related to intellectual property rights (infringement of copyright)
■Offences against industrial property (trademarks and patents)
■Offences related to the market and consumers (privileged information, price fixing, trade secrets)
■Offences of corruption between individuals
■Corporate offences (disloyal or fraudulent administration, abusive agreements, infringement of shareholder voting and corporate rights, accounting offences)
■Money laundering offences
■Tax offences (against the Spanish National or Autonomous Community Public Treasury or European Treasury, against the Spanish Social Security and subsidy fraud)
■Workers’ rights (especially industrial accidents at construction sites)
■Offences related to urban planning regulations and environmental offences
■Offences related to doping in sports
■Offences of falsification of information in public documents
■Proceedings against the Public Administration (offences of deliberate breach of official duty, bribery involving a public official, influence peddling, embezzlement of public funds)
■Offences against the administration of justice (concealment, false testimony, false accusation and allegation)
■Extradition proceedings related to financial offences
■Proceedings involving international components (procedures for letters rogatory)

Services Offered:
The professional practice of the firm includes both pre-litigation consultancy as well as the defense and representation of the client before Spanish and foreign courts (in the latter case, with the collaboration of local attorneys). Also crime prevention consultancy within the context of legal persons: compliance programs.

Contacts: Alberto Rodríguez-Mourullo Otero
Tel: +91 562 70 99
Email: [email protected]