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Managing Partner: Enrique Dellafiori
Partners: Mauro Dellafiori, Franco Dellafiori
Number of partners: 0 Number of other lawyers: 1

Intellectual Property in Chile:
Enrique Dellafiori and Mauro Dellafiori
International Affairs: Franco Dellafiori and Elizabeth Larenas
Domain Names: Cristián Carril
Litigation: Cristian Carril and Franco Dellafiori
Corporate Law & Contracts: Mauro Dellafiori

Firm Overview:
Founded by Enrique Dellafiori in 1986, Dellafiori Abogados actively recognises that Intellectual Property is a vital mechanism for Chile’s progress, along with the need to protect innovations based on the creative capacity of individuals and society.

For over 30 years, the firm has been renowned for delivering a personalised, exclusive and efficient service with highly competitive rates.

Dellafiori Abogados is dedicated mostly to provide services in the area of Intellectual Property and Industrial Property in the broadest sense, including: trademarks, patents, drawings and industrial designs, utility models, copyright and related rights, trade secrets, internet, contractual issues, new technologies, data protection and other related matters. The law firm’s conviction is to endure as a competitive and reliable choice for its national and international clients, with an extensive network of correspondents around the world.

Being specialised in intellectual property matters, and being well known as a “boutique-sized” firm, the aim of Dellafiori Abogados is to get in close contact with all of its clients, giving special and prompt attention to each of them, and effective responses to their inquiries, having not only a professional relationship with all of them but also giving them a warm approach to make them feel comfortable and more close to the team.

With over 30 years of hard work for the clients, Dellafiori Abogado managed to have more than thirteen thousand brands under vigilance, with clients who are some of the biggest companies in Chile, including “Empresas Carozzi S.A”, which is one of the biggest companies in the food industry, very well known for their pastas, candies, chocolates, drinks, and many more products, and has more than 120 years of existence. Also “Cooperativa Agrícola y Lechera de La Unión”, better known as COLUN, which is one of the most important producers of dairy products.

In the pharmaceutical industries, the firm manages the brands of Laboratorio Maver S.A, one of the biggest pharmaceutical laboratories in Chile, including its very famous “TAPSIN”, the most famous medicine in Chile. The firm also advises Eurofarma Chile S.A, a famous laboratory specialised in more complex medicine, including treatments for cancer, and it’s well known all across Latin America.

The mission of Dellafiori Abogados is not only to give a service of excellence and promptness but also being ahead in time, staying always up to date with technology and development. Keeping an eye on new inventions and possibilities it’s the key for success and the only way of staying alive in this market. The firm keeps expanding to other areas regarding intellectual property matters. Software and patents are getting more and more complex and the aim of the firm is to not fall behind but also be ahead, giving better ideas to the clients in order to have more efficient ways to protect their patents, trademarks and technologies.

The firm advises local clients with over 500-1000 brands such as Empresas Carozzi, Laboratorio Maver, COLUN, Eurofarma Chile S.A., COOPEUCH, among others.

Areas of Practice:
Intellectual property matters, copyright, patents, drawings and industrial designs, utility models, trademarks, litigation, corporative IP and contracts, domain names, prosecution on IP matters, new technologies, trade secrets, data protection

Main Areas Of Practice:
Intellectual Property:

Intellectual property is the specialty of the firm and the one that started it all. Excellence, promptness and effectiveness are what characterised the services of Dellafiori Abogados. The services include registering trademarks, vigilance until it expires, renewals, trademark assignment, patents, drawings and industrial designs, utility models, domain names, and litigation regarding those matters. The firm currently advises its clients with more than 13 thousand brands, also having corresponds across the world.

Corporate IP:
The firm also specialises in drafting and reviewing contracts on brand assignments, social media, trading, due diligence, negotiation, legal counseling on IP transactions, protection of trade secrets, drafting technology transfer agreements and technology licenses, distribution agreements, franchising agreements. Also, the firm legally advises startups, national and multinational companies regarding the protection of their intangibles, business models and corporate law matters.

Dellafiori Abogados is also known for having high experience in complex litigation, since the above matters usually lead to conflicts, the firm have had many cases in the appeal and Supreme Court, regarding IP matters and also unfair trading, anti-trust cases and Anti-Counterfeiting litigation.

International Work:
Dellafiori Abogados has a large network of correspondents and partners all across the world, which the clients use to get the services offered by the firm not only in Chile, but in almost any other country. The firm has participated in several trademark registration abroad, along with many negotiations regarding trademark purchases, trademark assignations and license contracts, mainly in Latin America.

English, Spanish.

Empresas Carozzi S.A., Cooperativa Agricola y Lechera de La Union limitada (COLUN), Institución Financiera Cooperativa COOPEUCH (COOPEUCH), Laboratorio Maver S.A., Viña del Pedregal S.A.. DELLAFIORI ABOGADOS SPA CHILE Leading Law Firms Org ID: