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Chairman: Liam Brown
Number of employees: 1,200+
Languages:Arabic, Bahasa, Cantonese, English, Farsi, French, German (includes Swiss-German), Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Elevate is the law company, providing consulting, technology, and services to law departments and law firms. The law company's mission is to help law departments and law firms with practical ways to improve efficiency, quality, and business outcomes. The company's multidisciplinary team of legal, business, and technology professionals extend and enable the resources and capabilities of customers worldwide.

Flexible Resourcing
Litigation Services, eDiscovery, & Document Review
Discovery & Investigations
Contract Review, Analysis, Optimisation, & Management
AI-Powered Document Analysis for M&A Due Diligence & Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
Medical Claims & Litigation
Legal Operations, Legal Request Tracking, & Matter Management
Pricing, Budgeting, & Legal Spend Management
Outside Counsel Management & Matter Portals
Legal Bill Review & eBilling
Firm & Law Department Strategy
Project Dashboards & Analytics

Elevate is one of the most comprehensive legal services providers in the global legal market. The law company's 1,200+ person, multidisciplinary organisation includes lawyers, engineers, consultants, data scientists, project managers, program managers, and business professionals who together provide its customers with the full complement of legal consulting, technology, flexible staffing/recruiting, and managed services.

Flexible Legal Staffing:
ElevateFlex is the law company's global flexible legal resourcing service providing pre-vetted legal talent and a systematic approach to managing teams to deliver consistent, high-quality performance. The law company is adept at understanding customers' requirements and culture to offer creative solutions at speed and scale, both onsite and remotely, to meet their interim, project-based, and permanent needs. Notable customers include HSBC, Hogan Lovells, and Reed Smith.

Contract Lifecycle Management:
The law company combines people, process, and technology to provide the full spectrum of contract services for our customers. Its CLM services reduce contract-related risk and enable legal teams to focus on higher-value activities.

Services include:
Contract Insights/CARM– organise material executed contracts, extract metadata and provisions using a highly accurate, cost-effective, and rigorous process
Technology Managed Services - configure, maintain and support all leading CLM systems
Managed Contracts Services - outsource management of low-risk, low/medium complexity contracts 

The law company's CLM services integrate with ContraxSuite, its propriety AI-powered contract analysis technology that accurately and cost-effectively processes large document sets to isolate and identify key provisions for extraction and remediation. Notable customers include Fitbit, VMWare, and NetApp.

Litigation Services:
The law company's services include eDiscovery, document review, project management, and medical claims in bodily injury cases. It brings extensive global experience across a wide variety of matters to tailor project scope, review strategies, workflows, and resource estimates to achieve high quality, efficiency, predictability, and cost control.

Elevate's Ecosystem Legal Management (ELM) provides technology for collaboration across law departments, law firms, and law companies. The platform base utilises machine learning, AI-driven data extraction and analysis, and a common unified database. This ecosystem offers law departments tools to optimise their RFP process, track legal requests, manage their matter portfolio, and assess and manage legal spend. It enables law firms to build stronger client relationships by providing transparency and insight into the progress of matters against schedule and budget.

Elevate’s consultants develop technology and operational strategies to achieve greater efficiency and lasting strategic advantage for law departments of dozens of the largest corporations in the world and Global 100 law firms. The law company helps GCs design, implement, and manage innovative solutions that create value and advance business objectives. With Elevate's assistance, its customers optimise their legal spend, operations, use of technology, management of information, and the methods by which they measure progress, performance, and success. The law company works with law firm COOs, CIOs, and practice managers to help them achieve and maintain competitive advantages through greater operational efficiency that enables them to deliver top-quality legal services and cost-effective pricing.