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Heads of Chambers: Karim Khalil QC, Andrew Campbell-Tiech QC
Clerks: Steve McCarthy, Richard Goodman, Ryan Bartlett
Marketing Director: Brett Carver
Tenants: 83

Drystone Chambers were formed in 2015 following the successful merger of One Paper Buildings and Dyers Chambers. Capitalising on the existing success and reputation of both sets, Chambers established a reputation as a prominent and leading set in London and the regions, with a growing influence nationally. Chambers continue to develop a broad range of work over a substantial area of the country, helping it to stand apart from other sets.
Members have acted at every level of the criminal justice system in general crime, corporate crime, VAT and tax fraud, proceeds of crime.
Chambers provides advice and advocacy across a range of practice areas including consumer and regulatory law, extradition, immigration, professional discipline, prison law, military law, aviation and sports law.


Crime: Prosecuting and defending in cases ranging from murder, fraud (including cases involving money laundering and confiscation), corporate crime often including an international element, (currently practitioners are working in the Cayman Islands), drugs and sexual offences to motoring matters. Chambers has acted in many cases of notoriety and importance, including the Soham murders, the Huntingdon Life Sciences campaigners, Fallon racing fraud, Operation Mellor (sham marriages), the Millenium Dome robbery, 21/07 terrorism trial, Damilola Taylor murder and the Allied Irish £750 million mortgage fraud.
Consumer Protection: Chambers acts for businesses, individuals and regulators across the full range of consumer protection and trading standards work, from large scale rogue trader cases and fatal food safety investigations to intricate product safety matters.
Professional Discipline & Regulatory Law: Members of Chambers provide a comprehensive service assisting professionals with advice on their regulatory obligations from registration requirements, negotiations with the regulator and all stages of proceedings from interim orders to appeals.
Extradition: Members of Drystone Chambers have shaped the law of extradition under the 2003 Act. Members have extensive knowledge of international human rights standards and understand how to deploy the right evidence to their clients’ advantage. In the last year members have acted in cases concerning requesting states as diverse as Iraq, Peru, UAE and the USA as well as securing their clients’ discharge in EAW’s issued by Greece, Romania and Poland among many others.
Immigration: Drystone Chambers provides advice and representation in all aspects of immigration law including asylum, deportation, applications under the EEA Regulations and applications under the points based system. Drystone Chambers appears regularly in the First Tier and the Upper Tier Immigration Tribunals. Drystone Chambers’ strong public law background means that the set has particular skills in judicial review applications.


Karim Khalil QC (1984) (QC- 2003)

Andrew Campbell-Tiech QC (1978) (QC-2003)

Alastair Malcolm QC (1971) (QC-1996)

Michel Massih QC (1979) (QC-1999)

Michael Magarian QC (1988) (QC-2011)

Matthew Jewell QC (1989) (QC-2018)

Roger Harrison (1969) *

John Farmer (1970)

Charles Kellett (1971)

Graham Blower (1980)

Hugh Vass (1983)

Stephen Spence (1983)

Lindsay Cox (1984)

Christopher Wing (1985)

Wayne Cleaver (1986)

Sean Minihan (1988)

Simon Kitchen (1988)

Nicholas Bleaney (1988)

William Carter (1989)

Annie Johnston (1990)

Isobel Ascherson (1991)

Sally Hobson (1991)

Matthew Pardoe (1992)

Kaja Reiff-Musgrove (1992)

Prof Charles Chatterjee (1992) *

Duncan O’Donnell (1992)

Robert Bryan (1992)

Jonathan Green (1993)

Charles Myatt (1993) *

Charles Falk (1994)

Zarif Khan (1996)

John McNally (1996)

Barnaby Shaw (1996)

Trilby Millett (1996) *

Nick Ham (1997)

Joanne Eley (1997)

Stephen Halsall (1997) *

Stephen Mather (1997)

Benedict Peers (1998)

Karen Walton (1998)

Richard Heller (1998)

Claire Matthews (1998)

Mark Himsworth (1999)

Ryan Thompson (1999)

Allison Summers (2000)

Rebecca Fairbairn (2000)

Alison Gurden (2000) *

Stephen Donnelly (2001)

Giles Bedloe (2001)

Azza Brown (2001)

Philip Farr (2001)

Daniel Jones (2002) *

Sharmistha Michaels (2002)

Claire Howell (2003)

Andrew Price (2003)

Gemma Gillet (2003)

Nicola Devas(2003) *

Jack Talbot (2004)

Edward Renvoize (2004)

James Gray (2005)

Alan Birbeck (2006) *

Barnaby Hone (2006)

Oliver Haswell (2006)

Unyime Davies (2006)

Nawraz Karbani (2007)

Lydia Waine (2007) *

Jacob Edwards (2007) *

Henry Gordon (2007) *

Hannah Hinton (2008)

Charlotte Compton (2008) *

Edward Cole (2008) *

Simon Walters (2010)

Helen Easterbrook (2011)

Alice Carver (2011) *

Rebecca Penfold (2012)

Alex Cameron (2012)

Julian Norman (2012)

George Wills (2013)

Richard Davies (2013)

Gary Dolan (2015)

Giles Fleming (2016)

Harriet Gilchrist (2016)

Georgia Luscombe (2017)

* Associate Tenant