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Di Cavalcanti Advogados

Current View:

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Managing Partners: Phelippe Di Cavalcanti
Senior Partners: Phelippe Di Cavalcanti, Paula Stührk
Number of partners: 4
Number of associate lawyers: 5

Tax Consultancy:
Phelippe Di Cavalcanti, Paula Stührk, Catarina da Fonte, Carolina Coimbra
Tax Litigation: Phelippe Di Cavalcanti, Paula Stührk, Catarina da Fonte
Corporate & M&A Advisory: Phelippe Di Cavalcanti, José Vasconcelos Neto, Fernanda Souza Leão

Firm Overview:
Di Cavalcanti holds a young and original profile built by professionals, whose market experiences and career goals have converged to create a firm based on solidity, in credibility and — primarily — service excellence. The firm has an entrepreneurial vision of advocacy, which does not conform to easy or obvious solutions, but seeks to understand the needs of its clients and brings them true responses to their tax, corporate and real state demands. Thus, the firm turns to be a key part of its client’s success. Constantly updated, team members invest in specialisations and rely on the support of the firm for their own personal development: Di Cavalcanti believes that professionals with balance in the most diverse areas of life work with greater satisfaction, more creativity and has a consequent improvement in their performances. Another great differential of the firm is how the team achieves good and useful relationships in public offices. Always within an ethical conduct, the approach to the authorities responsible for receiving taxpayers' demands leads to the prevention of various litigation. Believing in the discovery of talents, the firm also supports initiatives encapsulated by the Brazilian Bar for the training and development of young lawyers.

Since the beginning of its operation Di Cavalcanti was indicated as a leading firm in the category General Business Law/Northeast Brazil, in the Chambers and Partners edition of Latin America (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019). The firm also had its work recognised by the Brazilian magazine Análise Advocacia 500, in its annual edition 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 where it was listed among the largest/best in Brazil and between the most outstanding in the state of Pernambuco.

Areas of Practice:
Tax Consultancy: 35%
Tax Litigation: 45%
Corporate & M&A Advisory: 20%

Main Areas of Practice:
The firm’s legal practice is mainly focused on tax law, both in consultancy and in litigation cases, besides acting in corporate and real estate law, in order to advise and support the development of secure business strategies by its client’s; mostly corporations.

Tax Consultancy:
The firm advises clients in order to avoid the emergence of tax contingencies, and to also implement tax plan studies in accordance to align financial goals with tax efficiency and safe compliance structures. Di Cavalcanti’s professionals are always dealing with new issues, so that they are constantly updating their knowledge and responsive to the new outputs given by the law.

Tax Litigation:
Di Cavalcanti is recognised for promoting several successful leading cases, in Administrative and Ju- dicial Courts (both Federal and State), involving the most important tax discussions, in order to rebut charges arising from tax notices or mistaken legal interpretation by tax authorities. With frequent law- suits handled in the Administrative Tax Court of the State of Pernambuco (TATE/PE), the firm has gained wide integration and technical recognition with the judges, reflecting in quick and positive solutions to its clients’ demands. Furthermore, the cases are con- tinuously and personally monitored by the firm’s partners in order to regard the clients’ interests at all legal procedures. Di Cavalcanti also sponsors active causes, in which its clients seek to be reimbursed for taxes improperly collected. The litigious area of the firm has also invested in pre-contentious solutions with administrative entities, no needing to resort to the judiciary. This path was already a reality at the state level and, in the past year, was also carried out in the federal court. In the scenario of public services in Brazil this is a huge asset.

Corporate & M&A Advisory:
Di Cavalcanti acts especially on the analysis and advice on the best corporate/contractual structures, within the law, that safeguards the assets and interests of its clients. The firm also assists on the identification of tax liabilities through legal auditing, in order to give direct support to M&A projects and other corporate transactions, ensuring a reliable suc- cession process and protecting the assets of compa- nies and their partners.

Real Estate:
Di Cavalcanti provides comprehensive legal advice to its clients, in order to prevent contingencies, and also sponsors lawsuits involving issues related to the real estate law. Its performance is always based on the premise of ensuring legal certainty and speed in the implementation of projects of all sizes and types.

Portuguese, English, Spanish.

Di Cavalcanti provides legal services to clients within the most diverse sectors of the economy, singling out especially industries (electronics/batteries, beverag- es), wholesalers and retailers of food, large construc- tor/ engineering companies; and also to hospitality and international trading businesses.