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Costabeber, Filippelli e Papadopol Advogados Associados

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This content is provided by Costabeber, Filippelli e Papadopol Advogados Associados.

Tel: +55 51 32122233

Equity Partners: Fernanda Dal Pont Giora, Gianmarco Costabeber, Luiz Antônio Filippelli and Marcel Davidman Papadopol
Number of partners: 4
Number of lawyers: 42
Paralegal staff: 22
Languages: English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

The firm was founded in June 2013 and is best known for the steadfast and personal involvement of the founding partners in overseeing the team and maintaining its clients informed of the details of the cases it handles. The department is well known for conducting in a cost-effective manner mass consumer claims (not necessarily under class actions) and assembling comprehensive settlement plans allowing clients to significantly lower their provisions and obtain concrete financial results due to the legal strategy adopted. Considering the nationwide coverage of the litigation department, the firm has a network of corresponding attorneys that allows CFP to provide the same standard of legal services anywhere in Brazil. As part of its culture, the firm is strongly committed to understanding their clients’ business and legal needs. The firm is also known to go above and beyond to surpass their client’s expectations and for this reason CFP has a high level of adaptability and agility in its services. As a result of the standards established by the firm, it has managed to attract clients of different sectors, such as from the Food Industry, Banks and Financial Services and Automotive Industry.

Contact: Marcel Davidman Papadopol
Tel: +55 51 3212.2233
Mail to: [email protected]

Practice Areas:

Dispute Resolution - The department is structured in four different practice groups: (1) Mass consumer claims nationwide focusing on the defense of companies and strategies regarding the administration of provisions and risks. In parallel, the firm also works in class actions, having obtained relevant results such as the dismissal of a claim filed by the public prosecutor’s office against a tele collection company that aimed at restricting the number of calls that could be made to debtors; (2) Credit and asset recovery team has a very practical and a hands on approach, including lawyers external bound team who complete field work to complete tasks such as asset search and seizure, administration of crop harvesting and animal repossession. This year, the collection team has achieved significant results and has been qualified as the most reliable among all firms that supports one of our clients; (3) Restructuring and bankruptcy team works in benefit of creditors to maximise the possibility of credit recovery, avoiding the release of collateral or the application / extension of debtor protection terms; (4) Civil litigation group oversees strategic and complex cases, including participating in hearings and presenting oral arguments. The main objective of the team is to propose specific and tailor-made solutions to each case.

General Business Law– The General Business Law team is in charge of all non-litigation cases of the firm’s clients, meaning that the group deals with advisory in legal matters, M&A, articles of incorporation drafting, partner meetings and shareholder agreements, tax advisory, commercial contract drafting, etc.

Labor– The Labor Law team oversees all litigation and non-litigation cases involving labor relations. With in-depth knowledge of the clients characteristics and applicable legislative updates, the lawyers that belong to this group propose practical solutions to the many problems inherent in the labor area, as well as evaluate the results of different lawsuits to propose administrative strategies before the courts to reduce different offenders or avoid the formation of new liabilities.

Automobiles & Parts
Commercial & Professional Services
Consumer Product Manufacturing
Financial Services
Food & Drink Producers


Dispute Resolution
- Restructuring and Bankruptcy
- Credit and asset recovery
- Mass consumer claims
- Civil litigation General Business Law
- Corporate
- Commercial Contracts
- Tax Labor

Porto Alegre – RS - Brazil