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Firm profile for Litigation Support 2021

Litigation Support


This content is provided by Compass Lexecon.

Chairman and President: Daniel R. Fischel

Senior Managing Directors: Jonathan M .Orszag, Mark A. Israel

Senior Managing Director and Head of Compass Lexecon EMEA: Jorge Padilla

Number of employees: 575+

Languages: Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Mandarin), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Other language capabilities: Albanian, Bengali, Bosnian ,Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Farsi (Persian), Filipino, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Nepali, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish

Overview & History: 

Compass Lexecon is a world-leading economic consultancy advising law firms, government bodies, and corporations across all industries on complex economic and finance matters. The firm provides exceptional quality economic insight in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decisions and public policy debates. Established in 1977, Compass Lexecon has over 575 professional staff, including 180+ Ph.D. economists based in 23 offices globally.

Compass Lexecon’s practices are led by world-renowned economic thinkers. These include six former chief economists of the Department of Justice Antitrust Division and former chief economists at the European Commission, the Hong Kong Competition Commission, the UK Competition Commission (now CMA), the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm also maintains relationships with many high-profile academic affiliates, including Nobel Prize winners.

Compass Lexecon’s economists have advised clients in matters before regulatory agencies and courts in over 90 jurisdictions and worked for 84% of the current Fortune 100 companies. For the last 6 years, Compass Lexecon has been named Competition Economics Firm of the Year by Who’s Who Legal and it has ranked as one of the world’s leading economic consultancies in the GCR 100 for the last 15 years.


Accounting Litigation

• Antitrust & Competition: Conduct

• Antitrust & Competition: Damages

• Antitrust & Competition: Mergers

• Auctions

• Bankruptcy & Financial Distress Litigation

• Class Certification

• Corporate Governance

• Damages

• Bankruptcy & Financial Distress Litigation

• Class Certification

• Corporate Governance

• Damages

• Derivatives & Structured Finance

• ERISA Litigation

• Intellectual Property

• International Arbitration

• International Trade

• Labor & Employment

• Mergers & Acquisition Litigation

• Policy & RegulationPro Bono

• Securities & Financial Markets

• State aid

• Tax Services

• Valuation & Financial Analysis

Antitrust & Competition: Conduct 

Compass Lexecon advises on the economics of anti-competitive agreements between competitors; anti-competitive agreements between suppliers and customers; exclusionary conduct such as through tying and bundling, predatory pricing, conditional rebates; and exploitative conduct, excessive pricing, and unfair trading.

Antitrust & Competition: Damages 

Compass Lexecon economists estimate potential damages from alleged or proven antitrust infringements, for both defendants and claimants. An integral part of their role involves constructing the counterfactual scenario to understand the impact of the conduct on prices, output, and profits of market participants.

Antitrust & Competition: Mergers 

Compass Lexecon reviews horizontal and vertical mergers and acquisitions across virtually every industry, with analyses tailored to the relevant jurisdiction(s) and regulatory regime(s). The firm advises on the competition aspects of transactions from conception to completion.

Bankruptcy & Financial Distress Litigation: 

Combining broad academic expertise in related areas, including credit and lending, valuation, accounting, finance, deal structure, economics, and industrial organization, with an amalgam of industry and marketplace familiarity, Compass Lexecon economists and consultants help senior creditors, Boards of Directors, and management teams successfully navigate litigation within the distressed landscape.

Derivatives & Structured Finance: 

Compass Lexecon advises in cases regarding the operation and structure of markets, valuation of financial instruments, disputes over the rights of different classes of securities holders and derivatives counterparties, disputes concerning credit assessments, cash flow waterfall modeling, and analysing complex structured financial instruments.

Intellectual Property: 

Building on principles of economics and finance, Compass Lexecon professionals have deep experience valuing intellectual property, estimating damages resulting from infringement of intellectual property, and determining reasonable royalty rates for patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

International Arbitration: 

Compass Lexecon provides authoritative analysis in complex arbitration cases involving multinational parties. Economists and financial experts deliver independent economic analysis, valuation opinions, damages assessments, regulatory opinions, expert reports, and arbitration testimony.

Securities & Financial Markets 

Compass Lexecon pioneered the application of modern finance theory to securities fraud, insider trading, market manipulation, and other forms of securities litigation. It is a leader in the use of statistical methods in securities litigation and the study of financial markets.

Valuation & Financial Analysis 

Compass Lexecon economists are proficient in the full spectrum of standard valuation methods, including discounted cash flow analysis models and comparable company/comparable transaction methodologies. With expertise in using market evidence, they can provide insight in cases where standard valuation methods may be less appropriate.

Leadership and Executive Vice Presidents by Office 

Daniel R. Fischel, Chairman and President

Jonathan M. Orszag, Senior Managing Director

Mark A. Israel, Senior Managing Director

Jorge Padilla, Senior Managing Director and Head of Compass Lexecon EMEA


Joseph Kalt, Senior Managing Director

Eric Henson, Executive Vice President

Steven Peterson, Executive Vice President

David Reishus, Executive Vice President

Jeffrey Tranen, Executive Vice President

Elizabeth Xiao-Ru Wang, Executive Vice President

Mary Coleman, Executive Vice President

Darin Lee, Executive Vice President


Enrique Andreu, Executive Vice President

Miguel de la Mano, Executive Vice President

Damien Neven, Executive Vice President

Buenos Aires 

Sebastian Zuccon, Executive Vice President

Marcelo Schoeters, Executive Vice President


Allan Shampine, Executive Vice President

Ian MacSwain, Executive Vice President

Colleen Loughlin, Executive Vice President

Thomas Stemwedel, Executive Vice President

Fredrick Flyer, Executive Vice President

David Gross, Executive Vice President

Jessica Mandel, Executive Vice President

Rajiv Gokhale, Executive Vice President

Michael Keable, Executive Vice President

H. Neal Lenhoff, Executive Vice President

Gustavo Bamberger, Executive Vice President

Charles Cox, As Needed Executive VP

Elisabeth Landes, As Needed Executive VP

Bradley Reiff, Executive Vice President

David Ross, Executive Vice President

Hal Sider, Executive Vice President

Rahul Sekhar, Executive Vice President

Peter Clayburgh, Executive Vice President

Kevin Dages, Executive Vice President

Jennifer Milliron, Executive Vice President

Erica Benton, Executive Vice President

Gerald Lumer, Executive Vice President

Todd Kendall, Executive Vice President

Andria van der Merwe, Executive Vice President

Yoad Shefi, Executive Vice President

M. Laurentius Marais, Executive Vice President


Justin Coombs, Executive Vice President

Lorenzo Coppi, Executive Vice President

John Davies, Executive Vice President

Neil Dryden, Executive Vice President

Kirsten Edwards-Warren, Executive Vice President

Boaz Moselle, Executive Vice President

Thilo Klein, Executive Vice President

Los Angeles 

David Fenichel, Executive Vice President

Andres Lerner, Executive Vice President

Michael Smith, Executive Vice President

Kevin Green, Executive Vice President


Alejandro Requejo, Executive Vice President

Elena Zoido, Executive Vice President

New York 

L. Adel Turki, Senior Managing Director

Michael Kwak, Executive Vice President

John Bigelow, Executive Vice President

Sean Iyer, Executive Vice President


Jith Jayaratne, Executive Vice President

James Ratliff, Executive Vice President

Bret Dickey, Executive Vice President

Thomas Varner, Executive Vice President


David Sevy, Executive Vice President

Fabien Roques, Executive Vice President


Duncan Cameron, Executive Vice President

Aren Megerdichian, Executive Vice President

Elisabeth Browne, Executive Vice President

Washington D.C. 

Dennis Carlton, Senior Managing Director

Manuel Abdala, Senior Managing Director

Loren Poulsen, Executive Vice President

Bryan Keating, Executive Vice President

Theresa Sullivan, Executive Vice President

Jonathan Bowater, Executive Vice President

Guillermo Israilevich, Executive Vice President

David Weiskopf, Executive Vice President

Ralph Scholten, Executive Vice President

David Meyer, Executive Vice President

Litigation Support

Articles, Highlights and Press Releases

Total 10 Articles, Highlights and Press Releases


Why is the CMA becoming more interventionist?

Authors: Rameet Sangha, Kirsten Edwards-Warren


The Pro’s and Cons of Big Tech Banking

Authors: Miguel de la Mano, Jorge Padilla

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