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CLKA Law Firm

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This content is provided by CLKA Law Firm.

Managing Partners: Lassiney Kathann CAMARA
Number of partners: 3
Number of lawyers: 7
Languages:English, French, Mandingo

Firm Overview:
Founded in 2007 by CAMARA Lassiney Kathann, CLKA is listed among the “Top 10” Business Law Firm’s in the Ivory Coast and is positioned as one of the reference firms in French speaking countries; especially in strategic fields such as public contract, corporate law, real estate, law and regulation drafting. Its clients are international companies, States and government as well as international institutions like WAEMU and AFDB.
Compared to its competitors, CLKA is relatively young and prides itself on its dynamism, thoroughness and ability to contend with the older top tier firms in the region. Its growth has been driven by an unwavering determination to have the know-how and processes in place to ensure a high level of service in line with international standards and the expectations of global business players and investors.

Main Areas of Practice:

Legal Engineering & Law Drafting:
The firm provides clients with the following services:
■ Audit of the legal and regulatory framework
■ Institutional audit and legal strategy
■ Drafting of legistative and regulatory texts
■ Quality control on legislative texts drafting

Corporate & Business Law:
This includes but is not limited to:
■ Companies incorporation and business organisation
■ Contractual structuring
■ Industrial property rights
■ Banking and financing
■ Criminal business law
■ Labour law and social organisations

Economic Law:
The firm provides clients with:
■ Public procurement
■ Public and private partnership
■ Administrative contracts
■ Competition and consumption

Tax, Customs & Heritage Law:
The firm’s clients range from individuals and companies to include:
■ Private and public taxation
■ Public finances
■ Heritage and real estate
■ Customs

Litigation & Dispute Resolution:
The firm’s assistance includes but is not limited to:
■ Enforcement procedures
■ Debt recovery
■ Arbitration
■ Mediation
■ Litigation in front of Courts and Tribunals