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Senior Partner: Christos Georgiades
Managing Partner: Fofo Georgiadou
Partner: Agis Georgiades
Number of partners: 3
Number of lawyers: 8
Languages:English, French, Greek, Russian

Firm Overview:
The firm was established in 1974 by Christos Georgiades, and gradually evolved into its current legal form, Christos Georgiades & Associates LLC (‘CGA’), with offices in Paphos and Nicosia. Over the years, CGA has progressed to gain widespread market recognition and plaudit.

CGA firm members’ expertise spreads across a broad span of disciplines and industries, with a particular focus on commercial and investment matters. In particular, lawyers of CGA specialise in international business transactions, commercial litigation, international arbitration and ADR, construction and engineering, property, investment and estates, intellectual property, immigration and corporate and insolvency matters. CGA Cypriot and international clients include some of the leading businesses and professionals in their respective fields. In fact, many of CGA’s clients have grown with the firm since the firm’s inception and continue to retain CGA with their entire legal portfolio.

Importantly for CGA international clients, the firm enjoys close links and associations with reputable law firms in a plethora of jurisdictions, as well as with accounting, audit and fiduciary providers of excellent standing. CGA always strives to exceed its clients’ expectations and is committed to finding business-efficient solutions. CGA prides itself on the relationships it has built over the years and CGA actively works on ways to better service its clients’ needs.

Main Areas of Practice:

Property Investment & Estates:

CGA deals with all matters relating to freehold and leasehold property, including transactions and disputes involving commercial and residential property.
CGA members advise both individual and corporate clients in respect of:
■ Sale and leasing agreements
■ Acquisition of property by non-Cypriots
■ Property management
■ Estate planning and administration
■ Wills and probate
■ Estate administration

International Business Transactions:
CGA members have extensive experience in negotiating, drafting and concluding complex commercial contacts for a broad range of commercial matters.
CGA expertise includes commercial contracts for:
■ Services
■ Sale of goods
■ Manufacturing, construction and engineering projects
■ Partnership formation and dissolution
■ Restructures
■ Agency and distributorship
■ Intellectual property
■ Formation and use of trusts
■ M&A
■ Shareholders’ agreements
■ Insurance

Commercial Litigation:
CGA is one of the leading firms in Cyprus in commercial litigation, succesfuly representing clients in a wide range of complex national and international commercial disputes.
CGA members have extensive experience in most areas of commercial litigation, including the following:
■ Commercial Contracts
■ International Trade
■ Commodities
■ Banking
■ Joint Venture Agreements
■ Injunctions
■ Fraud & Asset Recovery
■ Property
■ Professional Negligence

International Arbitration & ADR:
International arbitration is a significant part of the dispute resolution landscape. Advocates at CGA regularly appear on behalf of clients in international and domestic arbitration proceedings in Cyprus and abroad. CGA Members are familiar with the rules and procedures particular to the different arbitration institutions, including ICC and CEDRAC, as well as the UNCITRAL rules. CGA Members are also experienced in representing clients in mediation in civil and commercial disputes, both domestic and international. In addition to appearing on behalf of clients, members of CGA accept appointments as independent arbitrators, mediators and experts in domestic and international disputes.

Construction & Engineering:
CGA is one of the leading firms in Cyprus specialising in providing advocacy and advice in the fields of construction, engineering, infrastructure and energy. CGA Members have worked on all types of construction projects, including commercial and industrial buildings, and infrastructure projects.
CGA lawyers handle a broad range of issues involved in the construction industry, including:
■ Contract procurement and judicial review proceedings
■ Drafting and negotiating design and construction contracts
■ Construction financing
■ Claims and dispute resolution by negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation

Intellectual Property:
CGA deals with all aspects of patent and trade mark protection, design registration, copyright and the licensing of technology.
CGA expertise covers the following areas:
■ Acquisition, registration and protection of intellectual property
■ Agency, franchising and licensing
■ Competition
■ Patent, trademark and copyrights proceedings
■ Passing-off actions

Being a member state of the EU since 2004, Cyprus is situated at the junction of Europe, Asia and Africa and is an ideal location to live, invest, study and travel to. CGA immigration team has substantial experience in serving international clients from many different jurisdictions, including China, Russia, CIS countries, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and Iran.
CGA expertise covers the following matters:
■ Citizenship applications
■ Permanent residence permits
■ Applications for immigration permits
■ Employment permits
■ Visas
■ Judicial review proceedings

Corporate & Insolvency Matters:
The favourable Cypriot tax regime and the extensive network of double-taxation treaties and bilateral investment treaties have developed Cyprus into an ideal base for foreign businesses seeking to exploit the international market. CGA lawyers have a wide range of expertise in corporate and insolvency proceedings, including:
■ Shareholders’ Disputes
■ Asset Recovery
■ Constructive Trust Proceedings
■ Mergers & Acquisitions
■ Corporate Restructuring
■ Winding Up
■ Fraudulent Preference Additionally, Catus Corporate Services is affiliated to CGA, offering corporate services to local and international clients.
These services include:
■ Registration and management of companies
■ Establishment and administration of trusts
■ Nominee services
■ Opening and managing of bank accounts in Cyprus and abroad
■ Tax planning
■ Escrow services
Contact: Agis Georgiades
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +357 22443111, +357 2644 3111 Fax: +357 22443112, +357 2644 3112


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