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Managing Partner: Paulo Fischer Carneiro
Senior Partners: Julian Fonseca Peña Chediak, José Andrés Lopes da Costa, Luiz Claudio Salles Cristofaro, Carlos Eduardo Menezes Côrtes, Osmar Simões
Number of partners: 24
Number of other lawyers: 31

Firm Overview:
Chediak Advogados is a law firm created by professionals who share an entrepreneurial spirit and are committed to quality and to their clients' success. Founded in January 2011 through the merging of two traditional law firms. Chediak Advogados possesses a unique culture, which results from the great affinity between its many members and the intense investment in planning and education.

Main Areas of Practice:

Administrative, Regulation & Infrastructure:
The firm supports companies in their relations with governmental bodies, regulatory agencies and development banks, including consultancy involving bidding procedures and administrative agreements, in the execution of public-private partnerships, in the structuring and execution of project finance and in any matter regarding the activities carried out by the clients alongside the public administration. The firm provides legal advice in all preparatory acts and any issues related to the execution of agreements between clients and administrative entities of all regulated sectors in Brazil, such as insurance, telecommunications, ports, sanitation, food and drug regulation, transportation, and audio-visual industry, as well as in the competition and electricity sectors. The firm also provides legal assistance in judicial and administrative litigation related to those matters.

The firm has a very solid track-record in complex, national and cross-border, M&A transactions and jointventures. In recent years, the firm was involved in dozens of projects concerning different industries such as health care, retail, shopping malls, technology, finance, energy and infrastructure. The firm renders complete consulting services to its clients, including the incorporation of companies, negotiation of joint ventures agreements, execution of shareholders' agreements, mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring in general, in the issuance of securities and in all day-to-day corporate documents, whether pertaining to limited liability companies or to corporations, publicly held or not. The firm also offers assistance in drafting, negotiating and executing agreements aiming at the sale or acquisition of shares and has multidisciplinary teams for the complete and efficient performance of legal due diligences.

Banking & Capital Markets:
The firm assists clients in the incorporation of financial institutions or institutions considered as such by the Central Bank of Brazil, and of representative offices of foreign financial institutions, providing legal assistance in all matters related to the operation of such entities, including the relationship with the Central Bank of Brazil and with the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission — CVM. Services also encompass the issuance of securities, the incorporation of all types of investment funds and the structuring of financial and private equity transactions, as well as the drafting and negotiation of banking agreements and the registry of foreign investments in Brazil and their currency exchange aspects. The firm also represents clients before the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission - CVM, the Central Bank of Brazil and the Financial Activities Control Council, in their defences in administrative disciplinary proceedings in administrative proceedings, including appeals before the Board of Appeals of the National Financial System

The firm acts in both judicial and administrative spheres, offering legal advice before the Brazilian antitrust agency (CADE), in the approval of M&A transactions and joint-ventures and in the investigation of anticompetitive conducts. Additionally, the firm provides services in connection with claims of unlawful competition and illegal trading, most often representing companies which have been harmed by such practices.

Chediak designs tax-efficient structures for complex domestic and international transactions including mergers, spin-offs, joint ventures, securities offerings, covering all types of federal, state and municipal taxes. The firm also assists its clients in connection with taxrelated judicial and administrative proceedings, acting before the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil and state and municipal authorities, as well as before State, Federal and Superior Courts.

Judicial & Administrative Litigation & Arbitration:
The multidisciplinary expertise of our team enables the firm to assist clients in disputes, both nationally and internationally, interacting with foreign correspondents. Several partners of the firm act regularly as arbitrators, before the most relevant national and international courts.

Compliance & Anti-Corruption:
The firm assists its clients in the development of compliance programs, designed pursuant to each entity’s specific features and risks, aiming at preventing and detecting misconduct, violations, and fraud. The firm also organises workshops and delivers training on anti-corruption laws and compliance to clients.

Real Estate:
The firm renders consultancy services in relation to the negotiation and execution of purchase and sale agreements of real estate, real estate due diligences, construction and EPC agreements, real estate development, real estate ventures, subdivision of plots and rentals, as well as licences and permits.

Chediak provides support to its clients in all fields of labour law, including employment litigation, collective lawsuits, collective labour agreements, outsourced services, equity-based compensation (stock options and stock grants) and senior management agreements (compensation and benefits).

Chediak is equipped to assist clients in connection with environmental regulation, judicial and administrative disputes, public hearings, contracts, licences, due diligence, management of contaminated areas, hazardous cargo transportation, product take-back policies, water use, forestry resources and protected areas.

Data Protection:
The firm has a multidisciplinary team to assist its clients in connection with personal data protection, including the design of solutions to comply with applicable laws and regulations, development and implementation of data protection programs, policies, internal procedures related to information security and report of data breaches, as well as assistance in negotiation of related contracts and contractual provisions.

English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian.