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Carrasco, Firma de Abogados

Latin America 2023
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Latin America


Provided by Carrasco, Firma de Abogados
Latin America

Firm Details:

Managing Partner: Pablo Carrasco

Senior Partners: Ricardo Alemán Z, Arturo Mercado P

Number of partners: 3

Number of other lawyers: 20

Number of Languages:English and Spanish


Labour: Pablo Carrasco, Boris Bustillos

Corporate, Obligations & Contracts: Pablo Carrasco, Arturo Mercado, Heidy Ortiz

Administrative, Regulatory & Intellectual Property: Arturo Mercado, Ricardo Alemán, Heidy Ortiz

Civil Litigation: Ricardo Alemán, Reynaldo Carrasco, Carla Vargas

Firm Overview:

The law firm, was founded by Dr Raul Carrasco Riveros more than 40 years ago under the name of ‘Estudio Jurídico Carrasco & Carrasco Abogados Asociados’ now CARRASCO FIRMA DE ABOGADOS has been characterised by specialisation in labour law, the firm earned the trust of clients to whom the firm has provided solid support and advice both in corporate, administrative and contentious issues.

The expansion of our Law Firm whose main office is in the city of La Paz, is becoming increasingly noticeable and tangible nationwide with offices in the city of Santa Cruz, in addition to having correspondents in the rest of the Department capitals in the country, denoting exponential and qualitative growth in the provision of its services.

Pablo Carrasco Quintana, is currently advisor of the Committee on Legal Affairs of the Confederation of Private Businessmen of Bolivia, also a institutional representative before the International Labor Organization (ILO) as well as being head of the Commission Labor Affairs of the National Chamber of Industry.

CARRASCO FIRMA DE ABOGADOS is also recognized for corporate advice in favor of several companies. It is recognized for the efficiency in its services for the incorporation and creation of new companies and in advising on corporate governance, company meetings, directories, due diligence, etc. The corporate area is in charge of Partner Arturo Mercado, who has more than 20 years advising national companies and corporations. The participation of Senior Associate Heidy Ortiz, tands out for the active and efficient advice provided in favor of our clients. and advising companies.

The civil area is headed by partner Ricardo Alemán, who has more than 20 years of experience sponsoring civil litigation, oral hearings, execution of sentences and evictions, he advises on processes at national level, mainly in the City of Santa Cruz and La Paz.

Personalized advice, as well as the adoption of preventive and timely legal strategies in the event of controversy, has allowed CARRASCO - FIRMA DE ABOGADOS to become one of the main legal studies of comprehensive legal advice for companies and entities in Bolivia, which is credited by clients who have placed their trust in this Law Firm and the important positioning in the field.

Main Areas of Practice:


Legal advice and treatment of labour issues, human resources, social security, both in the direct path (administrative) as contentious. Relations between workers and companies are regulated in the country by the general labour law and other related statutes that regulate from registration and reporting of the legal person as an employer.

Other work includes recruitment, hiring methods, negotiation, organisation, wage setting, working hours, social security contributions to short and long term, termination of the employment contract, labour contracts, union negotiations, legal treatment of domestic and foreign staff and other legal aspects of human resources policies. In this context, the advice provided by the firm in the labour area is designed to prevent any conflicts or disputes that may arise and to establish and find alternative legal solutions and defences.


In response to the requirement of the enterprises of clients who trust in services organisation, moving to integrate the study to specialised professionals in the area to date focused on: legal representation, incorporation of companies of different corporate types and activities; mergers and acquisitions; advice for foreign investment; preparation of civil, commercial and corporate contracts; preparation of due diligence; drafting of legal opinions; conciliation and arbitration process; administration and management of corporate governance.

Intellectual Property:

The services of the intellectual property department is framed counseling, registration, protection and defense of intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.) and generally includes: Search Brand each International Class, Record, Renewal, Transfer, Fusion, Registry changes , Registration License Agreement, Certified copy of patent titles or Register, Model and Industrial Design, Opposition, Challenge — Revocation (action or defense), Challenge — Hierarchical, Nullity, Administrative Infringement.

Administrative Matters & Regulatory & Environment:

The legal service comprises treating counseling and defense in administrative disciplinary proceedings before all public authorities: Municipal Government, Departmental Government, Environment Authorities, Authority for the Regulation and Control of Telecommunications and Transport (ATT), Social, Control and Supervision of Enterprises Authority (AEMP), and others regulatory Authorities.

Civil Litigation:

The services includes legal advice and sponsorship Counsel in ordinaries, extra ordinaries and payment, Civil Procedures, Appeal resources and Family Procedures.


English, Spanish.

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Provided by Carrasco, Firma de Abogados

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Pablo Carrasco Quintana
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