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Founding Partner: Dino Carlos Caro Coria
Directors: Luis Fernando Iberico Castañeda, Luis Miguel Reyna Alfaro
Consultants: Miguel Polaino-Orts (Sevilla/Spain), Carlos Shikara Vásquez Shimajuko
Associates: Percy André Sota Sánchez, Miguel Francisco Avalos Alva and Gustavo Urquizo Videla.
Senior Lawyers: Andy Carrión Zenteno and Ana Cecilia Hurtado Huailla

Firm Overview:
Caro & Associates, established in July, 2005, arose from the determination of its founding partner, Prof Dr Dino Carlos Caro Coria, to create a legal practice that had its own academic center focused on white-collar crime. Through this, the applied legal standards of the practice, as well as the satisfaction of its corporate clients would be highly improved. Since then, the organisational efficiency of the firm, the legal experience of the staff and the constant development of academic scholarship and commentary, have been the main tools to achieve the purpose. Certainly, the main goal of Caro & Associates is to be the most prestigious and consulted criminal law firm, preferred by the professional and business community in Peru. The firm has leading attorneys in the feld of criminal law, compromised to provide a service based on authentic commitment of the clients’ interests, a high level of specialised knowledge and remarkable professional ethics.

Code of Conduct & Best Practices of Caro & Asociados:
In May 2012, the firm approved the 'Code of Conduct and Best Practices of Caro & Asociados.' The code governs the firm’s institutional behavior and relationships with customers, partners and providers. Its content develops the main guidelines of the 'Draft Code of Ethics and Responsibility of the Professional of Law' of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú of June 2008 and the 'Proposed of Standards of Conduct and Responsibility of the Professional of Law' impulsed in 2009 by 9 law schools in the country. In addition, the Code of Conduct assumes the compliance standards of the following anticorruption statutes: The Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act of Canada, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the United States, and the Bribery Act 2010 of the United Kingdom.

Main Areas of Practice:

Compliance & Prevention Of Criminal Risk:

Experienced in early detection and assessment of criminal risks in business arising from the conduct of employees, suppliers or clients. The firm’s practice covers advice on compliance programs, risk management, value management and corporate governance, business ethics, codes of conduct and corporate social responsibility. The firm has also developed a new consolidated practice area in the assessment of these programs’ work strategies and results, providing legal services to compliance officers and governmental auditors.

Legal Advice:
Advice to directors and management officers to prevent criminal consequences in the making of business decisions. Advice to directors and management officers in environmentally-sensitive business sectors, such as mining and oil, as to applying for and preventing criminal liabilities in the use of government authorisations, such as for the exploitation of natural resources or for the commercial handling and use of controlled supplies.

Legal counseling to extractive industries and real estate development corporations in the context of social conflicts arising from their business activities such as property seizure, damages to private property, and other personal damages. Appointed in arbitration and other legal proceedings as legal experts to submit opinions and reports about the interpretation of a norm or legal institution or about its application on an specific case.

Appointed to participate in private work teams, along with auditors and national and international investigators for the discovery of crimes of national relevance, the gathering of evidence and chain of custody in criminal investigation and proceedings.

Analysis of the portfolio of criminal cases in private companies in order to determine their risk classification and its effect on the accounting results of the company, and to take the necessary steps to minimise the risk or even neutralise the liability.

Legal defense in Court:
The firm participates as counsel for defendants or victims in white-collar crime cases. Its experience in counsel representation also covers appearances before the Congress, National Audit Body, Police Department, Public Prosecutor’s Office and Justice Department, in all instances and stages.

The firm also litigates in Habeas Corpus and ‘Amparo (Action for infringement of fundamental rights) matters, related to criminal issues, from the initial stage before the local Constitutional Court up to the stage at the Inter- American System of Human Rights. Moreover, the firm also assumes defense in administrative sanctioning proceedings by state entities, promoting the respect for the due process and the constitutional limits to the police powers of the Public Administration.

International Work:
The firm provides legal advice to several foreign corporations and legal firms in criminal cases followed in their correspondent jurisdictions, which are related to facts or procedures in Peru.

Spanish, Italian, German, English.