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High Net Worth

Firm Overview: Since its founding in 1989, Capital Strategies has served significant families and their companies with discretion and skill. Capital Strategies specializes in tax-efficient planning to preserve and transfer wealth using proprietary life insurance contracts.

Capital Strategies' distinct experience in optimizing the tax-free transfer of wealth for prominent families has cultivated comprehensive solutions for wealth preservation, risk management, and executive compensation strategies. Over the last couple of decades, they have built an unparalleled staff of professionals from disciplines outside insurance distribution, such as tax law, accounting, and corporate finance, to bring perspective, analytical discipline, and precision to their work. Every contract placed in force is evaluated on at least an annual basis for as long as it is effective, and as a firm, they provide continuity of service for successive generations of their clients and their businesses.

Capital Strategies Group is a share owner and Member Firm of M Financial Group, which allows them to offer clients proprietary, differentiated insurance contracts featuring preferential pricing and designs tailored specifically for the unique requirements of high-net-worth families. Their Managing Principal, David Byers, JD, LL.M., also serves as Chairman of the Board of M Financial.

Offices are located in Chicago, Illinois, (847.943.0701), Nashville and Birmingham, Alabama (205.263.2400), serving clients throughout the Southeast and Midwest.

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