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Managing Partner: José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa
Founding Partners: Diego Bustamante, Roque Bustamante
Senior Partners:
Juan Carlos Bustamante, José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa, Roque Bernardo Bustamante, Josemaría Bustamante
Partners: Patricia Ponce, Francisco Bustamante, Carmen Robayo, José Rafael Bustamante Crespo
Number of lawyers worldwide: 50
Languages:English, French, Spanish

Firm Overview:
A market leader for over 60 years, Bustamante & Bustamante is one of the largest law firms in Ecuador, with national and international recognition, due to its track record helping the world’s key players with their legal needs in order to do business in Ecuador. Bustamante & Bustamante´s goal has remained the same throughout its trajectory: to provide top quality assistance, practical solutions and timely advise in the most innovative ways, always keeping the clients interests first.
 The team is made up of outstanding professionals: 50 of the most recognised lawyers in the country, most of them dual degree holders, and over 70 supporting staff members, all largely bilingual. Highly regarded and specialised in a wide range of areas, the firm offers its clients first class assistance, providing solid, agile and creative solutions in every particular case, which is why it has been able to build long-term business relationships throughout the years.

Main Areas of Practice:

Intellectual Property:
Bustamante & Bustamante has been a front runner in the Intellectual property field since its first steps, which has provided it with the knowledge and experience required to stay at the top. Its goal is to ensure maximum market recognition and protection for every trademark, invention, and creation by providing legal services for the registration of trademarks, licenses, and patents, mainly in the areas of technology, antitrust, digital media, data protection, licenses, and infringement. Its clientele, mostly composed by large multinationals, choose to stay with us, due to the effectiveness and excellence of the firm’s IP services.

Natural Resources:
Ecuador’s economy is heavily dependant on its natural resources; therefore, their correct management is of great importance to national economy, especially due to the country’s unstable political scenarios. The firm offers multidisciplinary advice on petroleum, energy, and mining production projects. Beginning with a legal and financial analysis of each project, it creates bulletproof plans, anticipating potential risks during execution, in order to protect processes and with that, its client’s interests.
The firm finds the best investment opportunities and maintains a stable and reliable projection for each project, which is why clients such as NewCrest Mining, GeoPark, and Glencore Oil Operations rely on it for advice in this field. The firm’s scope of work includes representation and negotiations with state authorities; transactions; financial and tax planning; regulations; and, operating permits, advising clients in every step of the way.

Over the years, the firm has focused its assessment in keeping its clients in top competitive positions in the Ecuadorian market through the creation of optimum tax plans, subject to all tax regulations, that aim to maximising return, according to each particular circumstance. Its experts are specialised in areas such as tax and financial planning, judicial and administrative processes, and litigation. Bustamante & Bustamante provides full assistance from start to finish.

Mergers & Acquisitions:
The many transactions that took place in 2019 are a prime example of Bustamante & Bustamante´s expertise in this field. Pharmaceuticals, Certification Multinationals amongst others, are a few of the clients that have entrusted the firm to manage their multimillion transactions starting with evaluations of benefits and profitability; due diligence processes; appraisal and acquisition processes; advice for the partition of assets; corporate restructuring; and, a thorough analysis of the antitrust issues related thereto.

The firm’s biggest compromise is toward its client, which is why it remains the ‘Go to Firm’ for doing business in Ecuador. Its experienced team of lawyers provides advice, tailored to every client’s needs, in order to get the best structured companies, and to guide them in their day-to-day matters, in the most effective ways. Corporate services include company incorporation, compliance, accounting and tax services, and general legal advisory services for client operations. Bustamante & Bustamante has had the pleasure of successfully helping world leaders introduce their business to Ecuador and continues to do so until today.

International Work:
The firm maintains a system of International Connections with highly regarded firms and associations around the world, with special emphasis in the Andean Community, a particularly important area for the management of Foreign investment and IP matters. Bustamante & Bustamante has very strong alliances such; As Members of Multilaw, International Bar Association (IBA), The Legal Alliance of the Americas, Inter-American Intellectual Property Association (ASIPI), World Services Group, the International Trademark Association (INTA), Bustamante & Bustamante remains a first league competitor, as well as contributor to the best legal services world wide.

Ranging from local and international corporations to financial and governmental institutions world-wide, Bustamante & Bustamante has been selected by the highest-profiled clients in the corporate and financial market. For a list of Bustamante & Bustamante’s clients in your industry, please feel free to contact them directly.


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