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BTS & Partners (Beceni - Türkekul - Sevim Attorney Partnership)

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This content is provided by BTS & Partners (Beceni - Türkekul - Sevim Attorney Partnership).

Managing Partner: Yasin Beceni
Number of partners: 4
Number of lawyers and consultants: 30
Languages: English, French, German, Turkish

Firm Overview:
BTS&Partners is the leading law firm in the sectors where technology plays a key role for the sector’s operations. The vision of BTS&Partners, for over 15 years, is assisting its clients to navigate their ways through their business’ technological transformation. In order to achieve its vision, BTS&Partners is closely following up with the regulatory developments not only in Turkey but also in the EU and the US.

BTS&Partners is the only law firm that has specific expertise and experience in the field of technology in Turkey; the market leader on regulations on several matters in this regard. This vision gives advantage to BTS&Partners to differentiate its services from other law firms. BTS&Partners is flexible about diversifying its services and create innovative service lines for its clients. In addition to its legal activities, its founding partners Yasin Beceni and Tugrul Sevim are actively working with NGOs and also teaching at the universities.

Considering that technology plays a key role in almost every sector, the clientele scale of BTS&Partners has enormously increased in the last few years and the demands of the clients have expanded to practice areas other than ICT and regulatory advice. In this respect, BTS&Partners has immediately adapted its team to a manner that is eligible to provide services to its clients in such practice areas and has been delicate about providing high quality services as its clients are accustomed to getting from BTS&Partners in ICT and regulatory advice. Thus BTS&Partners hired a strong employment and corporate law team led by a partner as of early 2015. Such an act has scaled the profile of BTS&Partners with its clients and made BTS&Partners gain more work as it qualified BTS&Partners as a general practice law firm but not a boutique firm working in a sophisticated area of law.

Keeping in mind that in today’s world companies and clients are getting ‘compliance risk’ on top of their risk factors, BTS&Partners launched a compliance business, and rendered its first compliance projects in data protection compliance in light of the new Data Protection Law entered into force in Turkey in April 2016.

Practice Areas:
Data Protection & Privacy,
Entertainment, Media & Advertisement,
ICT Infrastructure & Outsourcing,
IT Regulatory Advice,
Payment Systems,
Social Media,
IPR Management & Strategies,
Domain Name Disputes,
IP Litigation,
Regulatory & Technical Compliance,
Corporate & Commercial,
Mergers & Acquisitions,
Venture Capital & Private Equity

Main Areas of Practice:

Banking & Finance:
3 partners, 8 fee earners based in İstanbul
■ Regulatory licence application to be authorised as a payment system operator in Turkey for a multinational payment system operator
■ Regulatory licence application to be authorised as an e-money institution and payment institution for several players of the market
■ Providing payments system, e-money, banking and credit cards regulation and AML regulation to various clients

Intellectual Property:
3 partners, 5 fee earners based in İstanbul
■ IPR consultancy
■ Domain name protection and management services
■ Trademark, patent and industrial design litigation

IT & Telecom:
3 partners, 15 fee earners based in İstanbul
■ Regulatory advice
■ Data protection compliance
■ Focused business/legal due diligence of IT companies for corporate transactions
■ Consultancy services to sector specific NGOs
■ Consultancy services to e-commerce companies

Media & Entertainment:
3 partners, 7 fee earners based in İstanbul
■ Law enforcement service for the leading international social media institution and its affiliates
■ Assistance for compliance to internet regulations
■ Consultancy for video on demand services
■ Regulatory advice

1 partner, 5 fee earners based in İstanbul
■ Assistance with various multinational employment law related projects that involve Turkey as one of the effected jurisdictions
■ Employment law related advise and localisation of employment materials of various clients with their needs as to Turkish jurisdiction
■ Employment litigation

Commercial, Corporate & M&A:
2 partners, 8 fee earners based in İstanbul
■ Venture capital investments
■ Private equity investment
■ Strategic M&A deals for local or multinational clients
■ Advisory services in start-up ecosystem for angel investors or start-ups