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Overview & History:
Brunswick is a leading international advisory firm that helps businesses and other organisations address critical communications and reputational challenges.
Since 1987, Brunswick has been helping clients navigate the interconnected financial, political, and social worlds to build trusted relationships with stakeholders. A global partnership with 24 offices in 15 countries, it operates as a single profit centre — allowing it to respond seamlessly to the needs of its clients, wherever they are in the world.
The firm has senior advisers who specialise in all major sectors and communications disciplines, including litigation, crisis, public affairs and regulatory, investor engagement, employee engagement, cyber and privacy, and geopolitical. Brunswick also deploys digital, creative (through MerchantCantos), and data and analysis (through Insight) to support clients and their communications strategies. Clients rely on Brunswick for advice, planning, preparedness, and campaigns.

Litigation, Investigations & Disputes Practice:
The firm provides specialist communications advice relating to litigation, investigations, legal proceedings, and other disputes as a core practice area in the UK/Europe, US, and around the world. The firm has directed communications strategies related to some of the largest and most complex legal matters of the last decade. This has included handling more than 100 investigations, litigation cases, and other legal matters, all involving high-profile issues, crises, and enterprise-threatening situations.
In addition to strategic advice and planning, the firm provides full-service support, including:
■ Drafting messaging and materials
■ Media handling and engagement
■ Traditional and social media monitoring
■ Digital communications
■ Public affairs and government / regulatory relations
■ Public opinion and stakeholder research
■ Support and attendance at trials and other legal proceedings
■ Reputational rebuild campaigns

Unlike other communications firms, Brunswick does not combine ‘litigation’ and ‘crisis’ as one overall practice group because it knows that while the two may overlap in a given situation, not all crises lead to litigation and not all litigation involves a crisis. Communicating effectively about legal issues and processes — corporate litigation, criminal prosecutions, government investigations, judicial reviews/constitutional challenges, employment proceedings — requires specialist expertise from experienced advisers with a range of relevant backgrounds, including law, media, regulation, and politics. Brunswick has that combined expertise, having worked on some of most significant high-stakes and high-profile legal matters in recent years for global corporate clients.
It believes that three points in particular make it leading advisers in the field:

The Team:

Brunswick has a truly global litigation and disputes team that includes qualified lawyers familiar with operating in complicated legal contexts and working closely on cross-border situations. The team is jointly led out of the US and the UK by two qualified and experienced attorneys (Ellen Moskowitz in New York City and Charlie Potter in London). They are joined by specialist advisers around the world in offices such as Washington, DC; Singapore; Mumbai; Hong Kong; Beijing; São Paulo; Munich; and Brussels. With one profit centre globally, the firm supports client mandates with tailored teams from across Brunswick’s sector and practice groups to achieve the right mix of professional experience and expertise for the particular mandate.

The Approach:
Brunswick believes it is essential that communications advisers work as part of an integrated team with the in-house communications leadership, inside and outside counsel, and the client’s other public-facing functions (e.g., government relations, investor relations, etc.). This ensures that the communications strategy and messaging are consistent with and fully supportive of the legal strategy in securing wider reputational objectives. It also ensures that the legal advisers themselves understand Brunswick’s role and that the firm remains sensitive to points of legal constraint. Brunswick has considerable experience working directly with clients’ legal advisers and global law firms, as well as with clients’ own public-facing functions.

While publicity and media engagement are of course a key concern, the communications planning process should also consider what clients are saying to other key audiences and stakeholders who may be interested in a case or issue to manage expectations and maintain message discipline. Print and broadcast media are clearly an essential audience, but so too are industry peers, investors, customers, regulators, political audiences, and employees. The firm knows that navigating a high-stakes legal matter requires a careful balance of competing priorities. The right communications strategy helps a company achieve a careful balance by supporting the company’s legal position while also protecting its wider corporate reputation across numerous audiences.

Brunswick has extensive experience working across multiple jurisdictions and areas of law. It is especially experienced in matters involving foreign companies that are litigating disputes in US and UK courts. The team’s familiarity with US and UK litigation procedure and its understanding of complicated legal issues and sensitivities allow it to provide specially tailored support to foreignheadquartered companies.