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Brauneis Klauser Prändl Rechtsanwälte GmbH

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This content is provided by Brauneis Klauser Prändl Rechtsanwälte GmbH.

Senior Partners: Andreas Bauer, Arno Brauneis, Bernhard Girsch, Alexander Klauser, Gerald Otto, Felix Prändl, Orlin Radinsky, Martin Reinisch
Number of partners: 17
Number of lawyers: 19
Languages: German , English, French, Italian, Bulgarian, Croatian

Firm Overview:
bkp – Brauneis Klauser Prändl is one of Austria’s leading business law firms. The firm is known for providing clients with high-profile services along with efficient and target-oriented advice. Due to its organisational structure bkp is particularly flexible and quick in advising and representing clients in all aspects of business law.

bkp’s clients are comprised of domestic and foreign corporations, including multinational corporations, headquarters of Austrian based international groups, medium-sized businesses, associations, private foundations, interest groups, and public sector companies. Due to long standing relationships with its clients, bkp has acquired specific knowledge of various industries, especially regarding real estate, consulting, banking and finances, IT and tourism.

Main Areas of Practice:
bkp’s services include: software licences, hardware and software purchase maintenance agreements, project agreements, outsourcing, advice regarding online transactions, creation of e-commerce portals, domain registration and domain disputes, ISP liability issues.
Contacts: Felix Prändl, Georg Fellner

bkp’s services include: advice on all regulatory issues, distribution agreements, consumer GT&Cs, individual supply agreements for telecommunication providers, representation in proceedings before the Austrian regulatory authorities and before the Austrian administrative Court in telecommunications matters, telecommunication transactions.
Felix Prändl, Georg Fellner

Data Protection:
bkp’s services include: advice on data protection issues arising from employment relationships, whistle-blowing hotlines data profiling activities such as behavioural advertising, cross border transfers of personal data, representation in proceedings before the Austrian Data Protection Authority.
Contact: Georg Fellner

Intellectual Property & Unfair Competition:
bkp’s services include: advice in trademark, copyright and unfair competition law, patent and design law, advising and representing holders of IP rights in proceedings before IP offices, customs authorities and courts. Contacts: Martin Reinisch, Georg Fellner, Petra Vyhnalik

Corporate & Company:
bkp’s services include: commercial agreements, corporate reconstruction, corporate secretarial services, recovery of claims, distribution agreements, commercial agents, franchising and licences, IPOs, outsourcing, privatisations. Contacts: Andreas Bauer, Bernhard Girsch, Stefan Gurmann, Felix Prändl, Philipp Gamauf, Lisa Matousek

Mergers & Acquisitions:
bkp’s services include: due diligence, acquisitions (share and asset deals), cross-border transactions, distressed M&A. Contacts: Arno Brauneis, Stefan Gurmann, Gerald Otto, Felix Prändl

Banking, Securities Exchange & Capital Markets:
bkp’s services include: banking (advice on regulatory law aspects), capital market law (advice on regulatory law aspects as well as public and non-public placement of securities), investment funds, financial services (MiFID).
Contact: Felix Prändl

Litigation & Arbitration:
bkp’s services include: commercial litigation, consumer litigation, litigation in relation to white collar crime, complex litigation (class action and other multi-party proceedings), multi-jurisdictional litigation, insolvency related litigation, proceedings before international courts and tribunals including the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights, commercial arbitration (ICC, Vienna Rules et al), including construction, corporate, energy, financial services and sports, investment arbitration.
Contacts: Alexander Klauser, Bernhard Girsch, Gerald Otto, Orlin Radinsky, Valentina Philadelphy, Lukas Weber

Real Estate, Tenancy & Building:
bkp’s services include: acquisition of real estate, real property lease agreements, construction law.
Contacts: Arno Brauneis, Gerald Otto, Bernhard Girsch, Andreas Bauer, Lisa Matousek, Maria Vertesich, Valentina Philadelphy EU & National Austrian

bkp’s services include: distribution agreements, advice and mergers filings in relation with M&A projects, joint ventures, proceedings before the EU competition authorities and before the European Court of Justice, proceedings before the Austrian competition authorities.
Contact: Bernhard Girsch

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency:
bkp’s services include: work-out of finance projects, debt rescheduling, out-of-court agreements, judicial reorganisation proceedings, bankruptcy and liquidation, recovery of claims, insolvency related litigation.
Contacts: Alexander Klauser, Lukas Weber, Gerald Otto

bkp’s services include: advice in the context of employment agreements, works council agreements, collective bargaining agreements, labour constitution law, employee incentives, such as bonus systems, performance-linked compensations, etc., company pension schemes, employee profit shares.
Contacts: Georg Fellner, Philipp Gamauf

Public Procurement & Public Law:
bkp’s services include: preparation of tender documents, opening and evaluation of bidding procedures; advice on public law matters, proceedings before the Austrian Constitutional and Administrative Courts.
Contacts: Thomas Neuwerth, Maria Vertesich

Central & Eastern Europe (CEE):
bkp’s services include: permanently advise on clients’ operations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Contact: Orlin Radinsky

Private Clients, Foundations & Associations:
bkp’s services include: advising private clients including individuals, families, and charitable organisations on legal succession and wealth management; legal advice for/on foundations and associations.
Contacts: Bernhard Girsch, Stefan Gurmann, Andreas Bauer, Felix Prändl

Distribution, Trade Agents & Mineral Oil:
bkp’s services include: distribution matters and severance payments of trade agents, environmental and construction matters.
Contacts: Andreas Bauer, Bernhard Girsch

Corporate Criminal Law:
bkp’s services include: advice in all areas of corporate criminal law including criminal proceedings involving tax offenses, criminal proceedings initiated against auditors, tax consultants, and other professionals with security clearance, advising clients in relation to preliminary police investigations.
Contacts: Orlin Radinsky, Petra Vyhnalik