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Managing Partners: Ernst Brandl, Thomas Talos, Christopher Schrank, Roman Rericha
Senior Lawyers: Christian Lenz, Petra Thurner, Martin Kollar, Markus Arzt
Number of partners: 4
Number of lawyers: 25
Languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Danish

Firm Overview:
Brandl & Talos ranks among the leading Austrian firms in the fields of capital markets, M&A, banking and finance, gaming and entertainment as well as white-collar crime. With its team of lawyers trained at leading US law and business schools and top international law firms, Brandl & Talos has built an outstanding reputation in its areas of expertise. The firm has advised innovative start-ups from their first venture capital financing to successful IPOs, advised in large and complex international M&A transactions and assists leading banks and financial service institutions on a regular basis. Brandl & Talos managed to develop a comprehensive client roster including major internationally listed companies and eight of the ten largest Austrian banks. Numerous international clients have made Brandl & Talos acquire substantial experience and international exposure, which is particularly reflected in the firm’s growing track-record of high value, complex and innovative cross-border transactions.

Main Areas of Practice:
Banking & Finance
Capital Markets
Dispute Resolution
EU Law
Gaming & Entertainment
Mergers & Acquisitions
White-Collar Crime

Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions:

The firm provides exceptional transactional services and have extensive experience in corporate and M&A transactions. Its core competence is to handle complex high-volume cross-border M&A transactions. The team provides clients with thoughtful strategic advice and have a thorough understanding of clients’ businesses and needs. The firm is very commercial and are extremely committed to achieve the best possible deal for its clients.
■General Corporate Law
■M&A transactions (public and private)
■Takeover Law
■Venture Capital/Private Equity deals
■Joint Ventures
■Management Buy-Outs/Management Buy-Ins
■Structured auctions
■Carve-Out Transactions and Asset Deals
■Leveraged Buy-Outs
■Management Participation Plans
■Acquisition Financing
■Due Diligence
Contacts: Thomas Talos, Roman Rericha, Markus Arzt

Capital Markets Law:
The firm advisse on all aspects of capital markets law and our assignments regularly involve large international matters. Every type of transaction in the capital markets is in good hands with the team, not just the classic transactions such as IPOs, acquisitions, recapitalisations and bond issuances, as the team develops unique solutions for project financing in any sector (including the renewable energy sector).
■Equity and Debt Capital Markets
■Stock Exchange Offerings
■Consultant liability
■Corporate financing transactions (including issuance of bonds, participation rights and debt financing)
■Hybrid Equity Instruments
Contacts: Thomas Talos, Ernst Brandl, Christopher Schrank, Martin Kollar

Banking & Finance:
The firm understands regulatory activity, both from our work within regulatory bodies as well as from our years of experience representing clients vis-a-vis agencies. A large number of banks and insurance companies, as well as numerous national and international investment firms rely on us. It develops complex financial instruments, assist national and international financial service providers in proceedings with and against the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), and provide comprehensive regulatory advice and support in all matters concerning the FMA. Last but not least the firm has been engaged to represent its clients in matters of civil litigation involving thousands of opponents who claimed damages resulting from unlawful advice.
■Banking Law/legal representation with respect to regulatory inquiries
■Regulatory Law, legal enforcement
Contacts: Ernst Brandl, Christian Lenz

Gaming & Entertainment:
The firm has extensive international expertise in the wider gaming and betting sector, including social gaming, fantasy sports and e-sports. It provides regulatory, licensing and compliance advice at an international level and frequently advise on major multijurisdictional M&A deals in the gambling sector. The firm has also taken several multinational operators through licensing procedures and assisted with market access in jurisdictions across Europe and the US. As compliance becomes an area of increased attention for regulators and law enforcement agencies alike, we also focus on helping clients improve their approach towards compliance, reduce the regulatory risk and successfully pass scrutiny of audits and due diligence.
■Regulatory and transactional legal advice to international gaming and betting operators
■Support in market access and licensing
■Compliance: reviewing, auditing and implementing compliance management in areas such as AML/CTF, responsible gaming or GDPR
■Negotiating and drafting complex agreements for the gambling industry, including sponsor- and marketing agreements, software license agreements, white label agreements
Contacts: Thomas Talos, Nicholas Aquilina, Anela Blöch

White Collar Crime:
Organisations need to adapt their compliance regulations and keep their internal risk management in mind. The expertise of the firm’s criminal lawyers and many years of experience in capital markets and corporate law, is the perfect combination for balancing economic and criminal considerations. The firm is a reliable partner for our clients in all stages of criminal proceedings. Services:
■White Collar Crime
■Criminal Procedural Law
■Advise in connection with criminal complaints
Contacts: Christopher Schrank, Ernst Brandl

Dispute Resolution:
As proven experts in banking, capital markets, corporate law and white-collar-crime, the firm’s clients really appreciate our full service and highly efficient way of coordinating and managing a large number of related but still individual, complex cases before various courts and administrative bodies. The firm is pioneering in Austrian civil procedure law with our coordination of a class action process involving over 120 civil cases and more than 1,720 plaintiffs.
■Contract Law
■Real Estate Law
■Insurance Law
■Civil defence regarding matters involving life insurance
Contacts: Ernst Brandl, Christopher Schrank, Christian Lenz, Martin Kollar