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Black Swan Consulting

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Black Swan Consulting

Black Swan Consulting

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Firm Details

Managing Partner: Amir Akhmedov

Senior Partner: Jakhongir Rejapov

Number of Senior Associates: 2

Number of Associates: 2

Number of Junior Associates: 2

Number of Paralegals: 2

Firm Overview

Black Swan Consulting (BSC) , based in the heart of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, has firmly established itself as a premier legal entity over the course of its five-year operation. The firm has garnered recognition for its exemplary service, extending its expertise to both domestic and international clients. BSC takes pride in a diverse spectrum of legal specializations, delivered by a team of seasoned professionals. With a primary focus on Information Technology (IT) law, Corporate law, Transactions, Intellectual Property (IP), and more, the firm offers comprehensive legal solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients.Committed to excellence, BSC has fostered extensive collaboration with foreign and international companies. The firm has been instrumental in facilitating seamless interactions between local businesses in Uzbekistan and their international counterparts. Through adept navigation of complex legal landscapes, the firm has contributed significantly to the global success and growth of its clients.A testament to its commitment to excellence, BSC has been chosen as subcontractors by international law firms to address complex objectives for world-renowned companies. The firm's adept handling of intricate legal matters has positioned it as a sought-after collaborator, contributing significantly to the success of international projects.

Main Areas of Practice

·Arbitration, Mediation & Litigation:

Resolving disputes through arbitration, mediation, and litigation, ensuring fair and effective legal remedies for our clients.

·Banking & Finance Law:

Providing comprehensive legal counsel in the dynamic field of banking and finance, addressing regulatory compliance and financial transactions.

·Commercial Law:

Expertise in commercial law, offering strategic guidance in areas such as contracts, business transactions, and regulatory compliance.

·Competition Law:

Navigating the complexities of competition law to ensure fair market practices and compliance with antitrust regulations.

·Construction Law:

Specialized legal support in construction law, managing issues related to contracts, disputes, and project development.

·Corporate Law:

Tailored corporate legal services encompassing governance, mergers, acquisitions, and general corporate matters.

·Employment Law:

Providing legal guidance on employment matters, including contracts, disputes, and compliance with labor laws.

·Environmental Law:

Addressing legal aspects of environmental issues, including compliance, regulatory matters, and sustainable practices.

·Intellectual Property (IP):

Protecting intellectual property through legal mechanisms, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

·Information Technology (IT) Law:

Expertise in the legal aspects of information technology, covering issues such as data protection, cybersecurity, and software licensing.

·Investment Law:

Structuring and facilitating investment deals, ensuring legal compliance and strategic support for ventures.

Iternational Work

The firm boasts a diverse client base, drawing companies from various corners of the globe, including the USA, Georgia, Ukraine, the UK, and beyond. This global reach underscores BSC's ability to navigate the nuances of different jurisdictions and its effectiveness in providing tailored legal solutions on an international scale.The company has successfully provided consultancy services to one of the largest banks in the CIS on Uzbekistan's banking legislation. Additionally, BSC has played a pivotal role in facilitating the entry of numerous major IT companies into Uzbekistan, including a prominent Georgian POS solutions provider, Optimo. Furthermore, BSC has been actively involved in structuring venture deals and possesses extensive experience in ongoing support for retail and educational businesses. BSC's clientele encompasses Fintech enterprises, banking institutions, educational service providers, IT companies and various other sectors.

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Uzbekistan - Head office

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