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Managing Partners: Marcos A S Bitelli, Ieda Maria Monteiro
Senior Partners: Marcos A S Bitelli, Ieda Maria Monteiro, Patricia Berbel Fantini, Alex C Capura de Araujo
Number of partners: 6
Number of other lawyers: 21

Firm Overview:
Bitelli Advogados has been offering high quality legal services in the country for more than 30 years. It focuses on offering the best quality services to its clients both in business consultancy and litigation. It provides legal services on a wide variety of legal matters, although specialised in media and communication, recognised as a top ranked firm in the most recent years by several different international and local institutions and publications.

Founder partner Marcos A. S. Bitelli has years of experience and is highly respected in both the local and international markets. Among other sectors, he is specially recommended in media and entertainment, IT and telecoms.

The firm is deeply committed to quality and respect, therefore it has strongly consolidated its status among the legal firms market. The firm’s practice began as corporate litigation in different areas: civil, commercial, oil and gas, but has branched into other practice areas. It is a leader in media and entertainment IT and telecoms, both in Brazil and abroad.

Areas of Practice:
Media & Entertainment:
Civil Law: 15%
Corporate: 5%
Intellectual Property, Competition & IT: 10%
Real Estate: 5% Education: 5%
Due Diligence, Mergers & Acquisitions: 5%
Telecommunications: 5%

Media & Entertainment:
Marcos Bitelli

Main Areas of Practice:
Following the growth of the Brazilian business environment in recent years, Bitelli Advogados has been taking part in negotiating several processes and contracts for the development of new businesses. The firm assists the most important businesses in all fields of this specialisation; from theatres to producers, distributors, programmers, pay TV carriers, telecom companies, internet access and content providers, integrators and some talents.

Among clients that make use of the firm’s additional expertise are real estate businesses, educational entities, oil and gas players, companies from the automotive industry (from tier one part providers to car dealers and their associations) and retailers. In 2017 and 2018, the firm played a large part in assisting the most important audiovisual productions for Paris Productions, Cygnus Media, Coiote, Popcom and Gulane. This included the relevant co-productions with SBT and Record TV. The firm represented ABTA and operators like CLARO (America Movil) and NET in administrative disputes related to the switch off of the analogical Free TV broadcasting, in different levels and jurisdictions.

Accessibility is also a subject in which the firm is assisting programmers, advertisers, producers and internet application providers in order to be compliant with new laws. The firm represented the National Federation of Theatres Owners in the civil action from Federal Prosecutor related to this subject. Mr Bitelli represents user rights at the committee at the Federal Department of Culture in connection to public performance rights. He is also a member of the Freedom of Speech of Press of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) in Sao Paulo.

The firm has also provided continuous and comprehensive assistance for foreign international Pay- TV programmers and also TAP Brazil – Televison Association of Programmers, not limited to regulatory matters. The firm is deeply involved in several legal activities to revise the taxation and business structure of the new VOD business in Brazil; from standard operations to over-the-top new media. Assistance to local national cable and satellite association has been provided in face of the challenges related to the switch off the terrestrial broadcasting, must carry and retransmission rights. In the production sector, the firm provided legal full assistance for the production of relevant motion pictures blockbusters, including co-productions with Televisa, Paris Distribution and Paris Production, SBT and Record and also for important reality shows involving Discovery, TV Record, HBO, Turner, ESPN, Disney and Food Networks.

The firm is also working in the education sector.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Leading Brazilian and international companies established in the country, from the oil sector, communication, paid TV, car industry, TV programmers associations, movie distributors, exhibitors, book editors, web companies, among others, have formed a solid client base to the firm in the last year.