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Managing Partner: Alexander Asnis
Languages: Russian, English, German

Firm Overview:
One of the oldest law firms in modern Russia, which consolidates lawyers of different working experience (long-term advocates, former judges, forensic scientists, prosecutors, financial specialists along with young lawyers) in a full-service team to provide a client with a high-level legal protection. The list of the firm’s clients includes the major corporations and famous individuals. Many of its lawyers are well-known scientists, having scientific degrees (PhD, LLM etc.) and being authors of Russian laws and regulations. Members of the team serve as experts of several state authorities and as officers of Russian and international legal associations. Most of the advocates are awarded of different state or public awards.

Main Areas Of Practice:  

White-Collar & Economic Crimes
Environmental Crimes
Crimes Against the Constitutional Order & State Security
Constitutional Law
European Court of Human Rights
Real Estate
Litigation & Property Disputes

White-Collar & Economic Crimes:
■Defence of the former Acting Prosecutor-General A. Ilyushenko accused of official misconduct. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence
■Representation of the Director of the Arbat- Prestige JSC V. Nekrasov accused of tax crimes. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence
■Defence of former Russian Minister of Defence Serdyukov, suspected of malfeasance
■Representation of former Moscow Mayor Y. Luzhkov and the President of the Inteco JSC
■Baturina E. as witnesses in the case of fraud with the property of the Bank of Moscow
■Defence of the Bank Neftyanoy’s Head I. Linshits, accused of illegal banking. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence
■Representation of the management of the major Russian Coal Company SUEK accused with illegal Enterprise
■Defence of Vice-President of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Head of
■Renaissance Capital Group O. Kiselev, accused of fraud. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence ■Defence of the ex-CEO of the Russki Standart- Vodka LLC C. Radicati, accused of fraud. The case was dismissed due to the absence of corpus delicti
■Defence of the U.S. citizen A. Gontmaher, accused of organisation of criminal association and money laundering. A. Gontmaher was acquitted by a jury’s verdict
■Defence of the former Director for the Russian Federation for the EBRD E. Kotova, accused of commercial bribery. By decision of the court
■Kotova was pardoned and released from punishment
■Defence of the Head of SPI Group Y. Shefler accused in different crimes. All of charges were withdrawn
■Representation of State Company Rosnano, it’s Head A. Chubais and management in some criminal cases, including Rosnano’s ex-Head L. Melamed in case of embezzlement (the case was dismissed by the court and returned to the prosecutor) and managing director A. Gorkov accused of abuse of power (under consideration)
■Defence of the Mirax Group’s Head S. Polonsky accused of fraud (the case was dismissed by the court, Mr. Polonsky was released from custody)
■Representation of PwC Company and its management in some criminal cases
■Defenсe of the former First Deputy Prosecutor of the Moscow Region A. Ignatenko in the criminal case
■Defence of the management of the Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. in some criminal cases. The last one is under consideration
■Defence of the former Director of the Football Club Dynamo Moscow S. Sisoev, accused of abuse of authority. The case was dismissed due to the absence of corpus delicti
■Defence of the former Nizhny Novgorod Mayor O. Sorokin, accused of bribery, abuse of authority and kidnapping. The case is under consideration
Key Clients: PWC, Rosnano, SUEK, SPI Group, Inteco JSC, Interros Holding.

Environmental Crimes:
■Representation of management of one of the timber companies accused of environmental crimes

Crimes Against the Constitutional Order & State Security:
■Defence of Russian chemist V. Mirzoyanov accused of divulgence of national secrets. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence

Crimes Against the Public Security:
■Defence of CEO of the CJSC «Saha Gold Mining » R. Nabiullin. The criminal case was initiated on the fact of industrial accident, which caused the death of the employee. The case was dismissed by the investigation

Constitutional Law:
■Representation of the Head of SPI Group Y. Shefler in the Constitutional Court concerning the matter of amnesty. The Court upheld the Applicant’s Position
Key Clients: SPI Group

European Court of Human Rights:
■Slivenko v. Latvia
■Kolosovsky v. Latvia
■Isaeva v. Russia (under consideration)

Real Estate:
■Representation of the large JSC in a dispute with the Moscow Government on invalidation of Moscow regulations and transactions associated with land in Moscow
■Representation of several legal entities in disputes on contestation the cadastral value of land in order to reduce tax and other costs
■Representation of company in the case of depriving the tenant of state real estate the right of redemption

■Representation of several individuals in family law cases, including issues of severance and division of spouses’ coownership, determining a child’s place of residence with one of the parents, and some others
■Legal assistance in divorce process of Russian businessman Potanin V. and his ex-wife Potanina N., including division of property/property rights between partners
■Representation of Russian politician V Sloutsker in family dispute
Key Clients: Potanin V., Sloutsker V.

■Participation in employment law cases Management company City Ltd

■Representation of the Famous Russian politician L. Gozman
■Representation of Publishing House Rodionova in defamation cases
Key Clients: Gozman L., Publishing House Rodionova

■Insolvency of Arbat-Prestige JSC at all stages of insolvency process, embracing receivership, bankruptcy administration, financial restructuring and adjudication

Litigation & Property Disputes:
■Representation of major companies, including Interros Holding etc., in different kind of cases
■Legal aid to well-known businesswoman, E. Baturina (President of INTEKO Group), during her debt recovery case against prominent joint stock company
■Representation of the International Centre of the Roerichs and Nikolay Roerich’s Museam in case of complex depriving of property
■Representation of the individual in the case of more than 1 bln rubles recovery from the bank (under consideration)
■Representation of one of the largest development holdings in case of more than 300 mln rubles recovery
■Successful defence of the former CEO of JSC M. Nedelsky against recovering the losses on the sum of 6 million rubles, claimed by the new head of the company after Nedelsky’s dismissal. Nedelsky’s acts were necessary to protect business and shareholders’ interests in the competitive conflict between the registration market leaders – JSC «Status» and JSC «VTB Registrar»
Key Clients: Interros Holding, Baturina E