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Arias y Meurinne, S.C.

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Managing Partner: Salvador Eugenio González Escamilla
Senior Partners: Pedro Arias Garrido, Luis Eduardo Meurinne, Salvador Eugenio González Escamilla, Pamela Orozco Zapiain
Number of partners: 4
Number of other lawyers: 15

Firm Overview:
Arias y Meurinne, S.C. creates unique solutions for unique legal problems. With this focus in mind, the firm is a leader in litigation in Mexico as it regularly provides original and effective solutions to the most complex cases presented to it by its international and national clientele, including many Fortune 500 and Expansion 500 companies, who entrust their most delicate and relevant legal problems to this dedicated group of lawyers.
One of the goals of the firm in front of its clients is to establish a long lasting institutional relationship, which allows acquiring in-depth knowledge of the businesses style of each client, tailoring solutions that suit their individual goals and business needs, all while adhering to strict ethical business codes.
With all the litigation experience that Arias y Meurinne, S.C. has accumulated through the successful representation of its clients before the Courts, the firm also provides counseling on a wide array of matters related to taxation, such as business and estate planning, tax audits performed by the Federal and Local administrations, proposals to amend tax provisions and regulations, among many other activities. Regarding tax audits in particular, clients have learned that getting the firm involved from the onset helps them to lower the tax contingencies that are assessed, because knowing how to present the accounting information to the tax administration is as important as having it. This early intervention is also critical in the development of a legal strategy that will elevate the possibilities of success should litigation against the administration ensue.

The firm’s success in representing clients in the tax field, has spilled over to the other practice areas such as anti-trust law, telecommunications law, international trade law, administrative law, human rights and constitutional law.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the firm is known as providing litigation solutions of cases others consider lost. Many cases that have been lost by other firms, have been successfully litigated by Arias y Meurinne, S.C.

Areas of Practice:
Anti-Trust Litigation: 20%
Telecommunications Law Litigation: 10%
International Trade:10%
Administrative Law Litigation: 10%

Main Areas of Practice:


The firm’s tax law practice represents clients in all aspects regarding Mexican Tax Law and International Agreements related to taxation entered into by this country. The firm is involved in many complex litigation cases dealing with these matters. This representation includes all levels of litigation, before Federal and Local Tribunals, including remedies before the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice. Being fully aware of how Courts interpret the law, the firm is able to provide sound legal counsel on consultation and planning matters, including counselling before Tax Authorities during audits and the reimbursement procedures of excess payments made to Government Agencies.

Anti-Trust Litigation:
The firm’s anti-trust litigation team has been involved in some of the most media followed cases in Mexico during the past seven years, dealing with mergers that exceed billions dollars in value in the telecommunications industry. The success rate in these cases has been almost absolute.

Telecommunications Litigation:
The firm is involved in litigations dealing with all types of matters that surround the telecommunications industry, including cases that have dealt successfully with the renewal of radio-electric spectrum concessions, charges of duties applicable to this industry, fines and interconnection tariffs charged between telecommunication companies, among other issues.

International Trade:
The firm provides counsel and litigation on a wide array of matters dealing with international trade, such as importation duties, interpretation of free trade agreements entered into by Mexico and incentive programs such as maquiladoras, among other matters.

Administrative Litigation:
The firm's practice in this subject matter, deals with a wide variety of issues, such as construction regulations, urban development programs, media content matters, airport law, among many others.

Languages: English, Spanish.

The clients of the firm include companies involved in the following activities, many of which are Fortune 500 companies and Expansion 500 companies.
■ Airlines
■ Appliances 
■Automobile Manufacturers (6 major companies)
■ Autoparts
■ Banking & Financial Services
■ Beauty Products 
■ Construction & Project Management
■ Communications
■ Consumer Products
■ Cellphone Industry & Services
■ Government Agencies
■ Distribution
■ Manufacturing Industry
■ Media
■ Non-profit Organisations
■ Oil & Gas Companies
■ Packaging Companies
■ Pharmaceutical Industry
■ Retail Companies 
■ Services
■ Shoe Industry
■ Soft Drink Industry
■ Real Estate Companies 
■Technology Industry
■ TV Networks

Pedro Arias Garrido
Tax Consultation: Luis E Meurinne
Anti-Trust & Telecommunications Law: Pamela Orozco
International Trade: Omar Isaac Molina