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Araujo & Forgues Abogados
Tel: (591 2) 2147560 – 62 (591 2) 2147561
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Managing Partners: Jeannine Forguez Ostuni (La Paz) and Jaime Araujo Camacho (Santa Cruz)
Languages: English, Spanish and French

Araujo & Forgues is today, one of Bolivia’s most important law firms specialising in tax legislation and corporate law. The know-how of its two partners, Jaime Araujo Camacho and Jannine Forguez Ostuni, and their experience in this sector has made them a leading firm in tax affairs within the country.

Thanks to the economic and legal background of its partners and lawyers such as Mr. Araujo who is also a business administrator, their range of specializations has expanded to not only offer tax consultancy services but also an overall assessment at the highest level. The partners have worked in the private as well as the public sector, which has given them a greater perspective on the needs of all types of clients.

Their visionary thinking made them the first to establish offices in the city of Santa Cruz, which is now an important site within their organisation. Having an office in this city today is directly linked to the quality and competitiveness of the firm.

Additionally, throughout their career, the firm has been a landmark in tax cases, providing its services to major businesses of Bolivia in almost all fields.

The firm follows an approach that is defined as “tailor-made”: every client is unique and their requirements are a personal and professional challenge. They carry out an in-depth study of each case and design new strategies for the best solutions. 

The firm is distinguished by its rapid response, its humanitarian and professional qualities, and the high degree of involvement of every member of the firm.

Their long career in the market has allowed them to verify the fact that what’s really important is to offer an excellent service. The members’ outstanding qualifications means that they provide a high-level of service. This is demonstrated by the type of clients the firm attends to and their long-lasting associations. The firm focuses on quality and not quantity, which is why every member of the team possesses the necessary skills, know-how and expertise required to distinguish themselves as excellent.

The confidence the firm instills in its clients is another element that elevates them above other law firms in the market: frequently, the client arrives seeking only solutions to tax issues, and as their needs evolve, they realise that they can avail of a more complete service. They then hire the firm to advise them on all topics at different levels.

Today, the firm can confidently claim to have almost 100% customer loyalty.

Tax, Corporate, Labor, Health Records, Custom Law, Tax Litigation, Tax Mining Law and Tax Oil Law

What makes them unique and well known by their clients, is having worked for many years with companies from different economic sectors (industries, mining, gas and oil, technology companies, insurance, banking, telecommunications and others), they have an extensive knowledge of the tax problems faced by companies in each sector.

This knowledge and update on tax issues, adds value to their services because they know all the tax issues that may affect their customers. Likewise, the fact of working with clients of all these sectors provides them with information on the actions taken by the Tax Authorities, which allows them to anticipate observations to clients.

Finally, the service they provide is very personal, because the issues are analyzed and taken by the partners themselves, which does not necessarily happen in larger firms. Araujo & Forgues is a law firm, whose services have high added value not only in the tax field but in corporate and labor matters. Finally, their clients fully trust their practice due to the positive results that are obtained almost in all the cases they are in charge due to their professional experiences.

Examples of some of our recent work:
- Advice to several companies in the inspection phase carried out by the tax authority (National Tax Service) and later a tax process was carried out until the Supreme Court that rendered the SIN's tax charges ineffective against the client.
- The Internal Revenue Services (Servicio de Impuestos Nacionales) intended to collect taxes for international transportation of products made by a company. The firm carried out a tax process in which they obtained the cancellation of the charge against the client. This process is very important because it is a reference for other cases in which the tax authority seeks to collect taxes for international maritime transportations services.
- The firm has undertaken highly important legal and tax administrative processes for companies in different sectors.
- One significant process is the tax refund process for large export companies.
- The firm has also promoted very important tax laws in the country, thanks to partner Jaime Araujo’s participation in the revision of the Draft Bill of the current Bolivian Tax Code (Law 2492)
- Jaime Araujo Camacho has also participated in drafting the several tax normative, between them, the Supreme Decree No. 25559 Regulation on Leasing and its implementation with the different involved parties (government bodies, regulatory agencies and leasing companies). He has also contributed to the drafting of regulations on the scope of the exemptions to the Tax on Financial Transactions in the area of lease operations and other interpretive tax rules that favour the Bolivian export sector. He has also participated and advised in the drafting of other interpretive rules on the scope of the Tax on Business Profit and Oil Shares and Royalties.
- The Firm has been able to declare the last paragraph of article 5 of the current Tax Code unconstitutional. With this Judgment of the Constitutional Court, Taxpayers now have additional days to challenge when they are domiciled in places far from cities, which is another important milestone for the firm.
- Today, there are sentences passed by the Supreme Court of Justice that cite doctrine pronounced by Jaime Araujo Camacho in Bolivian Tax Congresses.


Managing Partner:
Jeannine Forguez Ostuni
Contact: [email protected]
Phone Number: 591-2-2147560 / 591-2-2147561/ 591 77726560
Another Contact: Joyce Clavijo Velarde [email protected]

Managing Partner:
Jaime Araujo Camacho
Contact: [email protected]
Phone Number: 591-3-3412932 / 591 72141810 / 591 72174082
Another Contact: Yakeline Vidal [email protected]

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Phone Number: 591-3-3412932 / 591 72141810 / 591 72174082

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