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Andrade, Foz, Hypolito e Médicis Advogados

Current View:

This content is provided by Andrade, Foz, Hypolito e Médicis Advogados.

Managing Partners: Carolina Moura Foz and Paula Médicis S. D’Ippolito
Senior Partners: Fátima Regina M. C. Andrade and Denise Hypolito Passaro
Number of partners: 7
Number of other lawyers: 15

Practice Area Contacts:
Carolina Moura Foz, Denise Hypolito Passaro, Paula Médicis S. D’Ippolito and Lira Renardini Padovan
Mergers & Acquisitions: Carolina Moura Foz, Denise Hypolito Passaro, Paula Médicis S. D’Ippolito and Lira Renardini Padovan
Tax: Pedro Guilherme M. Casquet
Real Estate: Fátima Regina M. C. Andrade and Carolina Moura Foz
Construction: Fátima Regina M. C. Andrade and Carolina Moura Foz
Commercial Contracts: Fátima Regina M. C. Andrade and Paula Médicis S. D’Ippolito
Labour: Mariá dos Santos Guitti

Firm Overview:
Andrade, Foz, Hypolito e Médicis Advogados is a boutique law firm that provides legal services for local and international clients in an increasingly volatile and fast-paced global economy. The firm adopts a top-down hands-on philosophy with all its collaborators to ensure that clients are advised with the utmost commitment, dedication, sophistication and quality of work.

The firm provides corporate legal advice adjacent to its main areas of practice: mergers and acquisitions, tax, real estate, construction, commercial contracts, labour and social security (including labour litigation), capital markets, banking and finance. For legal advice involving other areas of law, such as antitrust and competition, environmental and dispute resolution, the firm works in partnership with other firms that share the same values and standards.

The firm’s partners all share multidisciplinary backgrounds stemming from their extensive experience in Brazil’s largest law firms, as well as in the business sector, thus skilled to navigate each client’s specific business demands with the best legal approach and solution. All services are provided with the highest level of care, tailored to each client’s business goals and strategies, with intense involvement of the partners in all cases.

The team is composed of lawyers from the best Brazilian universities, fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Mandarin, with notable synergy, effective teamwork and working in a collaborative environment, constantly adapting to satisfy client’s needs in a continuously changing market.

Amongst the firm’s most thriving client sectors are real estate development and civil construction, bioenergy and natural resources, education, transport/ logistics, automotive, waste management and sanitation, banking and financial services, technology, food and beverage, trading, tracking and safety solutions, chemical, health, aeronautical, pharmaceutical, cellulose, and private equity

Main Areas of Practice:

Corporate Law & M&A:

Day-to-day general corporate legal advice to private and publicly held companies and corporations in all legal aspects related to their management and day-to-day operations, including all corporate documents, guidance on corporate governance and compliance, as well as incorporation, corporate restructurings, reorganisations, spin-offs, and M&A operations.

Real Estate:
Legal advice in purchase, sale and leasing of real estate properties (including built to suit), condominiums and subdivision, complex construction and development agreements, as well as due diligence of real estate assets to developers, investors and entrepreneurs.

Legal advice in construction contracts in general for residential, commercial, industrial and logistics’ warehouses, shopping malls, apart-hotels, and real estate developments hotels (including EPC, alliance, undertaking, maximum guaranteed price and turn key).

Commercial Contracts:
Domestic and international commercial and operational contracts, of different natures and business segments, including pre-negotiations, negotiations, signing and post-signing provisions related to the negotiated contracts.

Labour & Social Security:
Labour and social security advice, including litigation. Labour advice includes labour restructuring in corporate reorganisations (i.e. employee reduction, transfer and dismissals), benefit and incentive plans, internal HR policies, hiring and dismissal of executives, and labour contingency analysis (audit). Litigation advice includes defences in individual and collective labour claims, public civil actions, preparatory procedures, civil investigations, and infraction notices.

Tax, Tax Litigation, Estate & Inheritance Planning:
Planning and implementation for more efficient management of equity, including succession events, support for M&A transactions and review of company procedures aiming for fiscal efficiency, response to tax consultations, presentation of judicial protective measures of planning already implemented, administrative and judicial defence of tax assessments, at federal, state and municipal levels, including tax foreclosures.

Languages: English, Portuguese.

The firm’s clients range from small and medium to large and transnational companies, with businesses worldwide covering diverse economic segments, such as real estate development, civil construction, bio-energy, food and beverage, trading, chemical, aeronautic, pharmaceutical, transport/logistics, cellulose, tracking and safety solutions, education and private equity.