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Managing Partner: Anat Tenne, Adv (CPA)
Number of partners: 6
Number of lawyers: 5
Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian

Firm Overview:
Alter Attorneys at Law, established in 1990, is the leading tax law firm in Israel, exclusively handling tax law. The firm provides tax counselling to Israeli and foreign clients and specialises in consultancy and legal representation before Israeli authorities and courts.

The firm is led by six partners who have been part of the firm since its inception: Anat Tenne, Adv (CPA); Managing Partner; Amichai Pery, Adv (Acc); Senior Partner; Nir Horenstein, Adv (Acc), Partner; Udi Shostak, Adv (Eco) Partner; Helena Ben- Baruch, Adv, (Acc) Partner; Shlomi Regev, Adv (Acc).

The firm’s staff is renowned for its vast and valuable experience in all tax issues, as well as in its creativity and proven record of resolving complex tax situations. The firm continues to be listed among the top Israeli tax firms by international companies and Israeli rating agencies for many years.

Main Areas of Practice:
International Taxation & Voluntary Disclosure
The firm successfully handles many cases of Israeli residents who wish to participate in voluntary disclosure procedures, some of which do not fall within the exact criteria published by the ITA.

The firm has obtained unique and favourable rulings with regards to the taxation of high net worth individuals who have relocated to Israel (new immigrants or ex-patriots).

The firm is the cooperation partner in Israel of the WTS Alliance Group. WTS Alliance and its partners represent a strong network of international tax expertise in 90 countries. German tax advisory firm WTS AG, headquartered in Munich, is the coordinating body of WTS Alliance.

Based upon strong quality criteria, WTS selects one partner per country only. In 2012 the firm provided tax advice for WTS clients from the US, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Australia and many other countries.

Trust Taxation:
The firm has continued in obtaining ground breaking and unique tax rulings with respect to foreign trusts linked to Israeli residents. Those rulings have been obtained in cases that do not fall in the criteria set by the ITA, and therefore required special treatment. The rulings have been authorised by the legal and professional departments of the tax commissionaire. Those rulings are now the basis for any trust related Israeli rulings (most of which are being handled by the firm).

Encouragement Law:
The firm has obtained unique rulings for high-tech and internet companies that allowed for such companies to enjoy the benefits of the Israeli encouragement law, despite the fact that the previous approach of the ITA was such companies do not qualify and cannot enjoy the benefits of the encouragement law.

Ofer Brothers Group, Bank Hapoalim, Tamar Pension Fund (held by Clal Investments), Psagot-Ofek Investment, Fund, Red Sea Group, Engelinvest, Dan Transport, Aviv Group, Ossif Investents (traded in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange), British Israel Group (traded in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange), Amot Investments Limited (traded in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange), Aloney-Hezt (traded in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange), Ashtrom Limited (traded in the Tel- Aviv stock exchange), Ashdar (traded in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange), Baker & Mckenzie (Amsterdam), Medis Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ: MDTL), Azorim Limited (traded in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange), Exellence-Nesua Group (traded in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange), Hp-Indigo (NASDAQ: HPQ), Jerusalem City Counsel, Teuza Investments Fund (traded in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange), Europe-Israel, Ness Technologies (NASDAQ: NSTC), World Tax Service (Germany), Canit Hashalom Groupl Miron, Ben Zion & Prywes Law Offices, Siemens AG, Tel-Aviv municipality, Heerema Group (NL).

Adv Shlomi Regev
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