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Firm Details

Managing Partner: André de Almeida

Senior Partner: André de Almeida, Andrea Seco, Bernardo Viana, Daniella Almeida, David Andrew Taylor, Felipe Ragusa, Guilherme Doval, Henrique Carmona, Igor Luna, Leonardo Barém Leite, Márcio Chaves, Norberto Pasquatti, Paulo Bekin, Pedro Tinoco, Rafael Zinato, Rodrigo Petry Terra, Talita Pimenta Félix

Number of partners: 17

Number of other fee-earners: 108


Firm Overview

After successfully working at large law firms, and before turning 30, André de Almeida founded Almeida Advogados in 2001. Initially focused on M&A and corporate restructuring, he quickly saw the potential for a firm committed to exceptional value-added services in all areas of corporate law. Thus began Almeida Advogados and its niche in advising Brazilian and international companies on corporate law, alternative dispute resolution and general litigation matters. Having grown exponentially, the law firm now has over 250 professionals at its offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Recife. Almeida Advogados credits this expansion to its team’s commitment to personalized service, modern spirit and determination to shape the future of lawyering.

André de Almeida is the CEO and Founding Partner at Almeida Advogados, a full-service law firm with offices throughout Brazil. André is a former professional cyclist who lived and trained in Warsaw, Poland, twice earning the distinction of Brazilian biking champion. He also placed seventh at the Pan-American Championship in Chile. He competed in two world championships (Colorado Springs, U.S.A., and Athens, Greece), and almost went to the Barcelona Olympics, until an accident months earlier that took him out of the running. Following his time as a professional athlete, he went on to work at large law firms in Brazil and New York, and also served as in-house counsel at the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, D.C. With great entrepreneurial spirit, André founded his own firm, which has experienced exponential growth. Today, over 250 professionals work at the firm’s offices (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Recife). André's practice areas include corporate law, commercial law, M&A, compliance and competition law.

Main Areas of Practice

Corporate Law, M&A: André de Almeida

Compliance & Corporate Governance: Bernardo Viana

Dispute Resolution (Litigation & ADR): Andréa Seco, Henrique Carmona do Amaral

Environment: Guilherme Doval

Family Law: Daniella Almeida, Felipe Ragusa

Governmental Affairs: Igor Luna

Infrastructure: Rafael Zinato

Intellectual Property: Pedro Tinoco

Privacy & Data Protection: Márcio Chaves

International Law: Guilherme Doval

Labour Law: Pedro Tinoco and Gabriel Gomes

Life Sciences: Norberto Pasquatti

Mining: Guilherme Doval 

Public Law: Rafael Zinato


Tax: Rodrigo Petry Terra, Talita Pimenta Félix

Practice Areas and Offices

Aviation: Aviation companies require innovative and strategic legal counsel with a firm mastery of the complex intertwining of laws and treaties. Almeida Advogados’ highly-specialized team of attorneys applies its collective decades of experience in advising Brazilian and foreign clients alike on aviation-related matters.

Competition: As competition authorities in Brazil and elsewhere investigate company practices and transactions with ever-greater zeal, clients must increasingly turn to law firms with knowledge and expertise in competition law.

Compliance & Corporative Governance: Facing increased global regulations, competition and pressure from shareholders, companies must continuously generate profits without sacrificing compliance. Almeida Advogados assists clients to pursue and achieve both objectives concurrently. They need to be structured so as to achieve internal balance based on solid corporate governance and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. Compliance programs remain key to avoiding government fines or damage to a company's reputation. The firm relies not only on its decades of collective experience, but also on the latest in established corporate governance practices in Brazil and abroad, including those published by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (BICG).

Corporate, M&A & Contracts: In a field subject to legislative change, corporate lawyers aim to contribute to a company's tranquility and productivity. In an active market, the firm needs to be prepared for changes that could affect a company's market position. Almeida Advogados counsels Brazilian and foreign clients on corporate, M&A and contractual matters related to their operations in Brazil and abroad. Its lawyers have extensive experience in successfully managing the intersection between corporate law and companies' daily business activities.

Environmental: Companies in all sectors of the economy face the challenge of adhering to complex and ever-changing environmental legislation. While businesses may feel constrained by increasingly broad environmental legislation and greater demands for environmental protection, the firm believes that economic development and environmental preservation are not mutually-exclusive. Almeida Advogados is experienced in advising Brazilian and foreign clients alike on environmental law-related matters.

Family Office & Wealth Management: In an effort to better manage their businesses, many families have created Family Offices, which provide greater stability and facilitate the transfer of wealth to future generations.

Foreign Investment: Reaping the benefits of the global economy means knowing how to navigate across widely-varying legal systems. Almeida Advogados partners with Brazilian and foreign companies to protect and grow their investments in Brazil and abroad.

Governmental Affairs: Given the public sector's importance in the Brazilian economy, companies benefit from monitoring regulatory, legislative and political matters, so as to ensure a transparent and legitimate influence on the legislative agenda and public policies. Almeida Advogados' governmental affairs team consists of lawyers who monitor the country's regulatory and legislative agenda, while maintaining a dialogue with government authorities on its clients' interests.

Infrastructure & Project Finance: Countries develop by investing in their infrastructure.The sector still poses significant challenges and opportunities. Implementing infrastructure projects requires the use of various legal, financial and commercial documents to mitigate risks and maintain strict control over financial and operational flows. As a result, these negotiations create a framework for sharing risks and establishing guarantees memorialized through legal documents, for which experienced legal counsel remains critical.

Insurance and Reinsurance: In the ever-changing insurance sector, clients must continuously react and adjust to regulatory updates, consumer demands and new technologies. The firm supports insurance companies to operate and prosper in this dynamic sector.

Intellectual Property: The intellectual property field consists of copyright law (the rights of creators, such as authors of literary and artistic works, internet domains or other intellectual rights) and industrial property law (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications and cultivars).

International Trade and Customs: According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Brazil held the position of the twenty-second and twenty-eighth most important exporter and importer (respectively). Almeida Advogados recognizes that success in international trade requires sophisticated legal advice, coupled with ample experience in this highly-specific field.

Labor, Employment and Social Security: Labor and employment lawyers play an important role in maintaining a balanced relationship between companies, executives and employees, including on matters of executive compensation. With offices throughout Brazil, the firm prides itself on handling a significant number of lawsuits based on a standardized approach emphasizing high-quality representation and efficiently centralized information.

Life Sciences & Health: As health, technology and science converge, companies operating in the life sciences and health field face unprecedented growth opportunities that, at the same time, require comprehensive legal representation.

Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation: Given the Brazilian legal system’s reputation for expensive and time-consuming litigation, Almeida Advogados considers all options for handling its clients’ cases as efficiently as possible. Whenever possible, the firm seeks to resolve conflicts through alternative dispute methods, such as arbitration and mediation. The team’s extensive experience in litigation and conflict resolution allows it to represent its diverse clientele before Brazilian courts and arbitral panels throughout the country and abroad.

Real Estate: In Brazil as in other countries, real estate remains a vital part of the economy, contributing significantly to income, employment and taxes. Construction stimulates business activity by creating a multiplier effect for demand up and down the production chain, from suppliers of raw materials to labor services for properties such as rentals, hotels, maintenance, management and consulting. The firm's attorneys not only follow, but also shape, developments within the Brazilian real estate market by acting as legal counsel on numerous high-value transactions.

Restructuring, Rescue and Bankruptcy: Companies facing financial difficulties require sound legal representation to stabilize their economic situation and successfully re-enter the market. Debtors often meet their obligations to creditors by selling off productive units. Under Brazilian law, a purchaser may not subrogate a debtor's obligations (including tax-related duties) or assume existing obligations related to the unit. This process allows for financially-troubled companies to continue their operations, while offering an excellent opportunity for potential buyers to benefit from extensive investment-related legal protections. Another important mechanism under Brazilian bankruptcy law is the 180 day suspension of the statute of limitations and of all pending cases (including enforcement actions) against the debtor. That time period grants the debtor additional time to organize, plan and start anew, while meeting its obligations towards its customers, suppliers and employees. Given the complexity of Brazil's bankruptcy laws, legal representation is highly recommended for both the debtor and the potential purchaser of the debtor's assets.

Shipping: A stable Brazilian currency and the country’s economic recovery have contributed to increased commercial activity in the shipping sector, as well as in other related markets, such as cruises. Backed by specific legislation, Almeida Advogados’ shipping attorneys apply their experience and knowledge to achieve greater security and reliability for shipping transactions.

Tax & Customs: Commercial transactions, both domestic and abroad, always raise complex tax considerations. This maxim also applies in Brazil, where the best tax advisors combine economic expertise with legal knowledge in an effort to facilitate business operations. For customs matters, specialized legal representation reduces the risk of bureaucratic obstacles hindering a company’s operation. Almeida Advogados' highly-skilled tax team not only advises clients on judicial and administrative proceedings, but also on tax planning and consulting.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications: Despite its most recent political and economic crisis, Brazil’s information technology sector has continued its steady expansion. In fact, its rapid growth (9.2%) even surpassed the sector’s world average (5.6%) in 2015. According to the Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES) in partnership with IDC Brasil, the country leads Latin America in investments in hardware, software and services (US$59.9 billion).

Transport & Logistics: The Transport and Logistics sector covers various forms of national infrastructure, including transportation by road, air, rail and waterway. According to the Ministry of Transport, Brazil has over 1,000,000 kilometers of highways, 30,600 kilometers of railroads, 21,000 kilometers of navigable waterways, 19,000 kilometers of pipelines and more than 100 airports. Almeida Advogados’ highly-skilled team assists Brazilian and foreign clients with their legal matters in the Transport and Logistics sector.

White Collar Criminal Defense: Throughout Brazil and worldwide, white-collar crimes have gained importance in recent years as administrative and judicial entities more frequently investigate alleged violations by companies in fields such as industrial and intellectual property, the environment, competition, cartels, financial crimes, money laundering, and international crimes. Clients under investigation often require the support of experienced white collar defense attorneys. Against this background, it is fundamental for companies to count on a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, able to provide legal follow-up on police investigations and criminal prosecutions.



Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1461

Torre Sul • 16th floor

• São Paulo/SP


Praia de Botafogo, 440

20th floor


SAUS Q1 Bloco N

Ed. Terra Brasilis, 7º andar


R. Santa Catarina, 1631

3rd floor


R. Padre Carapuceiro, 858

7th floor

Latin America

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