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Senior Partners: Alfredo Alcaíno de Esteve, Daniel Cox Donoso
Number of partners: 7
Number of other lawyers: 19

Corporate Finance:
Daniel Cox, Rodrigo Muñoz
M&A: Alfredo Alcaíno, Benjamín Alcaíno
Family Offices/Private Wealth: Victoria Ripoll
Dispute Resolution: Alfredo Alcaíno, Marcelo Giovanazzi
Securities & Capital Markets: Mario Bezanilla
Real Estate & Urban Development: Macarena Baraona
Alfredo Alcaíno, Marcela Garay

Firm Overview:
Since its foundation in 1978, Alcaino | Abogados (A|A) has earned a position among Chiles most prestigious law firms. The firm has a well-established and solid reputation based on its commitment to quality and attention to detail. One of A|A’s main features is its longstanding relationship with clients and its role as counsel to some of Chiles most important business groups. Thus, the firm has developed a legal practice that combines high levels of trust and complexity. Although A|A is recognized as a 'business law firm,' it is also well known for its dispute resolution practice, which ultimately allows the firm to offer the market a broad and comprehensive range of legal services.

Main Areas of Practice:

Corporate Finance:

The area of corporate finance stands out in the Chilean market as highly sophisticated, and provides legal advice in both financial and investment transactions (e.g. structured credits, project finance, investment agreements and other asset purchase and management programs, and the later sale or divestment thereof) in the areas of private equity and private debt, including advice to private banking institutions, investment managers and institutional investors. It also provides general and day-to-day corporate advice to the firm's local and foreign clients related to the areas described above, as a permanent external advisor. This allows the client to entrust their special projects with the certainty that their needs and corporate culture are duly considered and well handled. This area is led by partner Rodrigo Muñoz.

Led by recently appointed area-director Benjamín Alcaíno, the mergers and acquisitions practice of the Firm has renowned prestige and wide experience in the amalgamation, merger, sale and acquisition of large capital assets and equity holdings, either for strategic or growth processes of a certain company or industry or in the development of the investment business itself.

The firm has represented sellers, buyers, shareholders and investors in all kinds of domestic and crossborder transactions, for both private and public corporations. A|A provides a comprehensive advice in every aspect of the transaction, from the due diligence and structure of the deal, to the drafting and completion of the purchase agreements, all in the best interest of the client.

Family Offices / Private Wealth:
A|A has large experience in the attention to high net worth clients and in corporate restructuring, which has led to the recent creation of an area specialized in Family Offices, led by partner Victoria Ripoll. This area is focused on the attention to business families, family offices and holding companies of family business groups. A|A role in this group of clients is like in-house attorneys, with the capacity of a law firm with more than 40 years of outstanding experience in advising these clients. In particular, this team is dedicated to (i) the drafting and management of protocols and family agreements; (ii) ongoing and permanent advice in financial and non-financial investments; (iii) the establishment of family offices and family business groups; (iv) the incorporation of the next generations; (v) the drafting of wills and the structuring of the group in accordance thereto; as well as (vi) social impact investments and philanthropy (donations and non-profit foundations and corporations).

Securities & Capital Markets:
Led by partner Mario Bezanilla, the legal practice of A|A in securities and capital markets is unique and stands out in the Chilean legal market. The firm has the experience of having advised in the creation and further development and growth, to this date, of banks, insurance companies, securities brokers and stock and commodities exchanges, such as Bolsa Electronica de Chile and Bolsa de Productos de Chile, respectively. Through rendering these services, the firm actively participates on behalf of clients before the regulators, and provides legal advice in critical topics for their businesses, including contracts with other exchanges and entities on their key transactional systems, the structuring and design of new stock products and settlement mechanisms, anti-trust related matters, etc. The firm’s expertise in this field is such that it participates actively and habitually with the regulator and authorities in the analysis and design of norms and regulations of general and specific nature related to the capital and securities market.

Real Estate & Urban Development:
The real estate and urban development area provide integral legal services for complex real estate projects, including legal advice for the approval and development of urban mega-projects and other sophisticated real estate projects, such as the exclusive ski resort near Santiago, La Parva. The practice is specifically focused on detailed urban regulations and their impacts on the said projects. Moreover, this area’s expertise extends to real estate financing (leasing, lease-back, etc.); bidding processes for construction contracts; and development approvals and permits by various authorities. This area is led by partner Macarena Baraona.

Dispute Resolution:
The litigation area represents a broad array of both domestic and foreign clientele in complex litigation of civil, commercial and financial matters, with a sophisticated and dedicated focus and expertise. The foregoing extends to insolvency proceedings and litigation before both domestic and foreign courts of law and arbitration panels, as well as special litigation venues (tax, customs, antitrust and environmental matters), and before governmental or administrative authorities such as state regulatory agencies competent in different areas of the economy (e.g., securities, banks, etc.), where the firm has an outstanding record and reputation for successful litigation in renowned cases. This area is led by partner Marcelo Giovanazzi.

The tax area has always been a core practice but, considering both the growing complexity of the Chilean tax laws and the high degree of sophistication of its client’s domestic and international interests and transactions, the area has been notably developed and is a pillar of the firm. As such, this area covers and is dedicated to both the internal support of all the firm’s areas (e.g. in all their projects, contracts and the like), including advice for the design of entities and business restructurings, and the legal representation of the firm’s clients before the Chilean internal revenue service in audit and/or tax liquidation processes, and all claims and petitions related thereto. This area is led by area-director Marcela Garay.

International Work:
The firm’s deep knowledge of the Chilean market and its key players provide its international clients with an advantage when investing in Chile or negotiating with domestic parties. In addition to that, many of its partners and senior attorneys have been trained in prestigious law schools in the US and Europe and have gained experience working abroad in international law firms. A|A’s network facilitates the internationalization of domestic clients’ new businesses. The firm takes pride in participating in such ventures and working closely with international law firms in complex cross-border transactions and arbitration cases, among others.

Spanish, English, French, German, Italian.