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Alaghbari & Partners

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Managing Partner: Dr Ghazi Alaghbari
Number of partners: 5
Number of lawyers: 5 (including the partners)
Languages:  Arabic, English, French

Firm Overview:
Alaghbari & Partners Law Firm was recently established by bringing together a number of independent legal practices to create a unique and leading law firm in Yemen, which successfully joins long and extensive years of experience and knowledge in the judicial and legal fields since 1994. The team consists of a distinguished group of lawyers and specialist consultants, whom share diverse academic and professional experience both in Yemen and other jurisdictions, and consequently embrace an excellent understanding of various cultures and legal systems. The firm is fond of its wide range of clients varying from individuals, small and medium enterprises to multinational businesses, government institutions and other types of national and international entities and organisations; and is highly committed to protecting its clients’ interests and meeting all commitments to the highest possible standards. The firm provides general legal advice and assistance as well as represents clients in litigation (civil, commercial and in some instances criminal cases) and alternative dispute resolution procedures (mediation and arbitration) in Yemen.

Main Areas of Practice:
Banking & Finance
Corporate & Commercial
Commercial Agencies
Real Estate
Intellectual Property
Maritime & Maritime Insurance
Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution
Oil & Gas
Construction Contracting & Tenders

Tax & Investment:
The firm has recently obtained a judgment in favour of the Yemen Company for Sugar Refining in a multi-billion Yemeni Riyals case against the Tax Authority and the Investment Authority filed in the Commercial Court regarding the applicability of certain tax and customs benefits under the Yemeni Investment Law.

Banking & Finance:
The firm won a commercial case on behalf of a client against the Yemen Bank for Reconstruction and Development in a dispute over an amount of around US$5,500,000  where the bank obtained a performance order, provisional attachment order and filed an Establishment of Right and Validity of Provisional Attachment case against the client. The firm was able to obtain a court judgment that nullified the performance order and the provisional attachment order and dismissed the Establishment of Right and Validity of Provisional Attachment case.

The firm represented United Bank Limited in a US$25 million case concerning two standby letters of credit that were issued in favour of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals. The firm was successful in obtaining a dismissal of the case. The firm has an appointed specialist banking consultant to work alongside the legal team to ensure clients obtain the best standard of advice and representation in banking related matters.

Maritime & Maritime Insurance:
The firm successfully represented a local importer of iron in his claims against the Islamic Yemeni Insurance Company in relation to two insured iron shipments. Additionally, the firm was hired to represent the owners of the vessel MT Starlet, insured by British Marine, to conduct amicable negotiations with Yemen Petroleum Company to settle an ongoing court case with demands worth $6,000,000. The team at Alaghbari & Partners successfully managed to reduce the amount demanded and a favourable settlement was reached for the amount of $1,250,000.

Corporate & Commercial:
The firm recently was able to win a case on behalf of United Trading Agencies Ltd against the Clorox Company in relation to a dispute over an arbitration clause included in the distribution agreement concluded between the two parties. The Commercial Court in Sana’a, Yemen issued its judgment and ruled the arbitration clause invalid and thus confirmed the jurisdiction of Yemeni Courts.

Additionally, one of the firm’s notable victories was in relation to a case won on behalf of the National Dairy & Food Company (Nadfood), relating to a dispute with the Yemen Standardisation, Metrology and Quality Control Organisation concerning lifting a provisional seizure affecting the import of raw materials for the production of dairy products using plant-based fats. The firm first obtained a court injunction through an expedited case lifting the provisional seizure and then filed a case to prevent the Yemen Standardisation, Metrology and Quality Control Organisation from any further arbitrary actions that affect Nadfood’s freedom in practicing its industrial and commercial activities in relation to the production of dairy products using plant-based fats.

More generally, the firm assists foreign companies with establishing a presence in Yemen and is involved in the drafting/reviewing of numerous forms of agreements. Through its specialist consultants in international contracts and in construction contracting and tenders, the firm is able to provide clients with a combination of legal and technical expert advice and assistance in related matters.

The firm was appointed to represent Safer Exploration & Production Operations Co., a leading national oil and gas company, in the largest combination of labour law disputes in Yemen, revolving around a total claimed amount of US$20 million. The firm is selected by numerous local and international companies and organisations for the provision of legal advice in response to labour and taxation queries; the drafting/review of employment contracts and policies to ensure compliance with local regulations; and carrying out all related registrations before the relevant authorities.

Real Estate:
The firm has recently won a case on behalf of the Yemen Bank for reconstruction and development revolving around a land dispute for a total claimed value of US$8,186,000 as well as two earlier real estate related cases on behalf of the Yemeni Kuwaiti Real Estate Development Company, in which the client was awarded by the Court a total amount of US$7 million.

Privacy & Data Protection:
The firm has recently provided an internet intermediary with legal advice concerning privacy and data protection laws in Yemen and intermediaries liability under Yemeni law.