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Aigner Lehner Zuschin + Partner Rechtsanwälte

Current View:

This content is provided by Aigner Lehner Zuschin + Partner Rechtsanwälte.

Managing Partners: Dr. Johannes Lehner; Dr. Georg Zuschin, MBA; Mag. Roman Taudes, LL.M.
Senior Partner: Mag. Lukas Aigner
Number of Partners: 4
Number of Lawyers: 4
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

Firm Overview:
Based in Vienna and Linz, Austria, with two head offices and two additional regional offices, Aigner Lehner Zuschin + Partner Rechtsanwälte serve clients throughout Austria and specialise in the areas of investor protection law, capital markets, banking & finance, insurance and litigation, real estate, construction law, real estate litigation and real estate dispute resolution. Aigner Lehner Zuschin + Partner Rechtsanwälte are proven specialists with market-leading expertise, which enables the team to understand their clients’ concerns with a detailed industry perspective and to develop clear and efficient solutions for even the most complex problems. An international network enables tailored solutions for cross-border cases and transactions.

Main Areas of Practice:

-Litigation & Dispute Resolution
-Real Estate
-Corporate Law
-Capital Market
-Securities Law

Investor Protection Law:

Aigner Lehner Zuschin + Partner Rechtsanwälte are well known as a team of specialists who handle complex litigation, especially investor lawsuits. Aigner Lehner Zuschin + Partner Rechtsanwälte represent institutional as well as private investors including communities and state-affiliated companies. The law firms special expertise comes from the combination of knowledge being derived from the financial markets industry, along with a strong international network of experts and financial engineers.

Large-Volume Civil Disputes:
With a strong academic background, Aigner Lehner Zuschin + Partner Rechtsanwälte are highly recognised for their outstanding legal due diligence within the scope of developing enforceable claims.

Real Estate:
Aigner Lehner Zuschin + Partner Rechtsanwälte has established a state-of-the-art boutique law firm which is now, within a short period of time, well known throughout Austria. Due to the special expertise of Dr. Johannes Lehner, the real estate law and real estate dispute resolution department has significantly widened the legal focus of the law firm.