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Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.

USA 2023
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Provided by Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.

Managing Partners: Adam Leitman Bailey

Number of partners: 17

Number of lawyers: 26

Languages: 8

Firm Overview:

Experts in Real Estate Law

By uniting many of the best real estate attorneys of its generation, Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. has become one of New York’s most prominent real estate law firms. The firm excels by solely practicing real estate law and only taking on projects and cases where it is among the best in the field. Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. has achieved groundbreaking results in the courtroom, in the board room, at the closing table, in the lobbies of legislative bodies, and in every other venue where talented legal advocacy is key to its clients’ interests.

Some select litigation victories can be found at

Winning Unwinnable Cases

The firm has participated and prevailed in many of the most important New York real estate cases of the new millennium, as reflected in numerous published and unpublished decisions on novel legal issues. Some of these notable victories have changed the landscape of New York law. The firm has invented new ways to practice law and new theories to solve its clients’ problems. Its successes have resulted in producing new laws and new precedents, creating new leases to become the industry standards, devising new faster, less expensive procedures to obtain foreclosures and evictions, using “Perry Mason” moments to win trials, creating out-of-the-box ways to collect on judgments, and creating new theories of law to obtain justice for clients.

Some of these moments can be found at

Honors and Awards

Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. counts itself among only one of two law firms with under 30 attorneys to achieve an AV Martindale-Hubbell rating, repeated Super Lawyers rankings including a Top 100 Super Lawyer and Best Lawyer and Best Law Firm rankings, selection into the Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers, and a Chambers & Partners awards for being one of the “Leading Lawyers for Real Estate” and a “Leading Law Firm.”

Adam Leitman Bailey has also been ranked by Chambers & Partners as one of New York’s Top Real Estate Litigators in 2021. Chambers called Adam Leitman Bailey a “tenacious and confident litigator who is quick-witted in court and respected by the judges,” further noting that he is “an extraordinary practitioner who gets great results,” and quoting a client on his “ability to anticipate things before they happen.” Additionally, Chambers & Partners wrote, “Hired to litigate extremely high-profile cases, Adam Leitman Bailey has impressed sources with his courtroom presence.” Another client told Chambers & Partners, “You feel like you have a zealous advocate out there working for you, and you never worry about things when they are in his hands.”

The American Lawyer also ranked Adam Leitman Bailey as a Top Ranked Litigator and the Commercial Observer names Adam Leitman Bailey one of NewYork’s Most Powerful Real Estate Attorneys.

A more complete list of awards the firm has won can be found at

Strategic Lawyering

A New York State judge wrote that Adam Leitman Bailey “was the best trial lawyer I saw in my nine years as a judge in New York City.” A New York State Judge, Kings County, stated that he had known Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. for fifteen years and “that [it] is a brilliant law [firm] and innovative who always worked zealously on behalf of his clients.”

When Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. used a forgotten statute to prevail in a landmark case, The Wall Street Journal quoted a prominent New York developer’s attorney who called the holding a “game changer” affecting real estate nationwide.

The New York Times referred to his legal strategy and legislation, proposed in one case, as “novel.” In addition, The New York Times remarked on another case in which “Adam Leitman Bailey fought on…grinding through excruciating detail and obscure Perry Mason moments.” A different case was described as “the city’s largest condo refund ever” (Curbed NY). In another transaction, Adam Leitman Bailey obtained the largest government grant ($21 million) for a cooperative in New York history. More recently, Adam Leitman Bailey secured the largest settlement in New York City history for a property casualty law suit. The Commercial Observer ranked one of the firms victories among their “15 Most Fascinating New York Real Estate Cases of the 21st Century.”

A select number of creative lawyering case descriptions can be found at

Pushing the Boundaries of the Law

The collective experience of this team has been responsible for winning several landmark decisions in real estate law. These attorneys have had more appellate victories at the Court of Appeals and its subsidiary appellate courts than most real estate firms have had cases of any kind, won or lost. Its trial attorneys have won hundreds of cases, both with and without juries. The attorneys at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. have won over a thousand cases in state, federal and housing court, including over 400 appellate court cases, many at New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals.

Proud of its past, Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. aggressively pursues its future so it may continue to bring to its clients the best that any law firm can offer, both in advocating on behalf of the client and in working with the client.

Some examples of making new law can be found at

Main Areas of Practice:

-Real Estate Litigation

-Condominium & Cooperative Representation

-New Construction Representation

-Landlord Representation

-Commercial Landlord Representation

-Foreclosure Litigation Group

-Mortgage Finance Practice Group/Banking

-Appellate Litigation

-Real Estate Administrative Proceedings/Environmental Control Board

-Housing Discrimination

-Commercial Tenant Representation

-Purchase & Sale of Multi-Family Dwellings & Buildings -Financial Services Litigation

-Investor Services - Mortgage Note Purchase and Sales

-Title Insurance Claims Group

-Construction Litigation

-Due Diligence and Transactional Risk Assessment of Multi-Family Dwellings

-Land Use Litigation

-Tenant Representation

-Insurance Defense Litigation

-Purchase & Sale of Homes

-Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights

-Homeowner and Tenant Associations

-Commercial Leasing Services

Relevant Work:

Lorne v. 50 Madison Avenue LLC, making new law, the Appellate Division finds that condo board not liable for repairing newly constructed building and finds that obligation to repair remains with sponsor; one of the firm’s attorneys was victorious at trial level and appeal

Hartman v. Goldman, an adverse possession case of first impression before New York’s Appellate Division

542 East 14th Street v. Lee, a case of first impression before New York’s Appellate Division defining expansion of rent regulation law for non-primary residence cases

■ Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act Cases, turned a forgotten federal statute into a way to void the contracts of sales for buildings over 100 units resulting in hundreds of settlement and court victories

■ A prominent magazine noted an attorney at the firm as the real estate attorney, ‘credited with being the first lawyer in New York City to use the ILSA provision.’ Another prominent magazine noted that one of the firm’s attorneys pioneered the use of the ILSA provision to get buyers out of contracts in the wake of the financial crisis

Trump Soho Association v. Bayrock/Sapir Organization LLC, Donald J Trump, Trump International Hotels Management LLC, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump, where one of the firm’s attorneys prevailed in a settlement providing millions of dollars to clients based on fraud claims under the Federal Securities Law

Sky View Parc Purchasers Association, et al. v. FTC Residential Company II, L P, an attorney at the firm lands largest condominium settlement in New York history

Rivas v. McDonnell, a noteworthy Appellate Division decision involving an interpretation of the recording statute

Chin v. Chan, where an attorney at the firm prevails at trial using a novel legal theory invalidating contract to purchase commercial property

Save Harlem Association v. KIMCO Realty Corporation, where one of the firm’s attorneys used victory in court, proposing legislation, conducting rallies and mobilizing political support and media attention to obtain winning settlement for the Save Harlem Association

Stalker v. Stewart Tenants, where an attorney at the firm achieves winning settlement on behalf of coop sellers in landmark housing discrimination case

Sykes v. RFD Third Avenue One Associates, where an attorney at the firm breaks new legal ground with appellate victory for attorneys’ fees on a stipulation

Million Gold Realty Co. v. S.E. & K. Corp., where one of the firm’s attorneys prevails at trial and on appeal in complicated commercial lease litigation setting the law for when dual right of first refusals given to two commercial tenants in building

Crave Crane Accident Case, where an attorney at the firm obtains winning settlement for restaurant struck by crane

B & C Realty, Co. v. 129 Emmut LLC, 106 A.D.3d 653 (1st Dept. 2013), successfully defended owner of a building with potential zoning violations against purchaser who failed to close and lost a two million dollar down payment with finding that purchaser failed to demonstrate reasonable reliance necessary to sustain claims of fraudulent inducement, fraud and promissory estoppel

Manhattan Office:

Eighteenth Floor 1 Battery Park Plaza Suite 1, New York, NY 10004

Tel: (212) 825-0365

Email: [email protected]


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