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Abernathy MacGregor Group

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Chairman: Tom Johnson
Number of employees: 90
Languages: English

Overview & History:
Abernathy MacGregor is a strategic communications firm specialising in advising clients on effective stakeholder communications, engagement and advocacy initiatives in today’s highly complex, dynamic and interconnected world.

Companies today face multifaceted and rapidly evolving challenges as business, political and social issues converge. Effective communications have never been more important to producing results. The firm has a 35-year track record of advising clients—and their lawyers—through high-stakes disputes, complex litigations, high-profile M&A, contentious governance and shareholder activism battles, public affairs and bet-the-business crises. Abernathy MacGregor helps clients bridge stakeholder concerns from Wall Street to Main Street to Washington and beyond.

With offices in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C., Abernathy MacGregor is structured to provide strategic and logistical support around the clock and around the globe. The firm’s deep relationships, experience, expertise and client base extend across a wide range of sectors, including aerospace and defense, consumer, energy, financial services (including banking, insurance, hedge funds, mutual funds and private equity), food and beverage, industrials, media, natural resources, real estate, technology, travel and hospitality, and utilities.

■ Litigation Support
■ Crisis Management
■ Regulatory Action
■ Reputation Management
■ Mergers & Acquisitions
■ Shareholder Activism
■ Investor Relations
■ Issue Advocacy & Public Affairs
■ Political Intelligence and Stakeholder Mapping
■ Restructuring and Bankruptcy
■ Initial Public Offerings
■ Alternative Investment Communications
■ Board and C-Suite Advisory Services

Litigation Support
Abernathy MacGregor helps clients leverage communications to achieve their desired litigation outcomes while reducing potential reputational damage or business disruption. The firm works in close coordination with clients and their counsel to develop creative, bespoke communications strategies for both plaintiffs and defendants to support their litigation and business goals, which may include:
■ Avoiding litigation
■ Promoting settlement
■ Minimising business disruption
■ Mitigating reputational damage
■ Preserving valuation
■ Enhancing stakeholder confidence
■ Influencing key decision makers

Abernathy MacGregor supports clients across the litigation timeline – from before a complaint is filed through the appeals process. The firm’s work includes:
Stepping in before a demand letter is sent or complaint filed –crafting messaging and developing a communications strategy.
Supporting a client throughout the pre-trial process– scenario-planning and preparing communications to capitalise on or respond to key milestones, including new motions, critical hearings and pivotal procedural decisions.
Providing live on-site trial support– managing the news media in the courtroom and refining messaging in real time to reflect trial developments.
Providing ongoing support through the conclusion– managing media relations and stakeholder communications around settlement or the appeals process to help instill confidence in a client’s legal and business strategy.

Abernathy MacGregor’s litigation work spans across the full spectrum, including IP litigation, material contract disputes, workplace-related issues, product liability, and much more. The firm’s experienced professionals, including former practicing attorneys and journalists, are experts in successfully managing sophisticated situations with critical legal and business outcomes. When a legal issue intersects with a crisis, transaction, activist situation or public affairs issue, Abernathy MacGregor’s expertise across these high-stakes and complementary practice areas becomes invaluable to providing nuanced and effective counsel to litigation clients.

Key Clients: Mozilla, Shure, T-Mobile, PennyMac, Entertainment Partners
Contact Name: Nazan Riahei, Senior Vice President, Head of Litigation Practice
Tel: (213) 219-0599
Email: [email protected]