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Heads of Chambers: John Price QC, Cairns Nelson QC
Clerks: Chambers Director: Wayne King
Director of Clerking Manchester: Colin Griffin
Senior Clerk Manchester/Nottingham: Sean Hulston
Senior Clerk to 23 ES Commercial: Colin Perrin
Deputy Senior Clerk Manchester/Nottingham: Kevin Ambridge
First Junior Clerk- Crime: Adam Chapman
Second Junior Clerk: Jack Shah
Second Junior Clerk: Liam Kitcher
Regulatory Clerk and Second Junior Clerk (Crime): David Cox
Junior Clerk Manchester: Jake Speed
Junior Clerk London: Eleanor Groves
Members: 99

THE CHAMBERS 23 Essex Street is a leading multi-specialist set with a national presence, led by joint Heads of Chambers Mr John Price QC and Mr Cairns Nelson QC. Chambers offers a breadth and depth of experts in its core areas of crime, financial and corporate crime, regulatory and professional disciplinary, civil fraud and commercial law.

TYPES OF WORK UNDERTAKEN 23ES has specialist practice groups in the areas of criminal law, fraud/financial and corporate crime, regulatory, professional discipline and civil and commercial law. Within each of the practice groups members have expertise in serious criminal offences including murders, sexual offences and drug related cases, all major fraud offences, environmental crime, trading standards and IP crime, court martials, financial and healthcare regulation, inquests and public inquires, and banking and contract. Chambers has a team of qualified arbitrators and mediators. 23ES has 99 members of chambers, 13 of which are QC’s, who are based within its offices in London, Manchester and Nottingham. Members of 23ES are supported by an experienced clerking team within each of their practice groups. Counsel accepts instruction via Direct Public Access.

Crime: Covers all aspects of criminal work including terrorism, murders, sexual offences and other serious offences for both the prosecution and the defence. Chambers’ national presence allows it to cover the majority of Criminal Courts in England and Wales.

Financial & Corporate Crime: Experienced in all fraud related cases as well as issues relating to mutual legal assistance, extradition, search warrants, restraint and confiscation both within the criminal and civil arena.

Regulatory & Professional Disciplinary: Renowned for high-quality advocacy. The team appears before most of the major regulators and has particular expertise in the financial and healthcare professions. Members regularly appear in the Administrative Court in public law cases arising from regulatory proceedings.

Civil Fraud: This team, with its cross-over between the commercial and financial and corporate crime teams, is well placed to accept instructions in relation to civil restraint and insurance fraud cases including false claims such as crash for cash.

Commercial: The 23ES commercial team includes chancery and commercial barristers, offering expertise across a range of specialisms including banking law, property law, probate, civil recovery and asset forfeiture, insolvency and sports law. Members provide advice, drafting, advocacy and negotiations.

Arbitration & Mediation: 23ES offers a team of arbitrators and mediators ranging in experience from part-time judges and QCs, to barristers of just a few years’ experience. Chambers can provide expertise to compliment the level of dispute.


Applications to John Price QC and Cairns Nelson QC: care of the Director of Tenancy. Full details of how to apply are on the website.

Pupillage: Applications to Kate Lumsdon. Funded 12-month pupillages and third six pupillages with financial support. Full details of how to apply are on the website.

Mini-pupillages: Limited number available. Applications to Alex Mills (criminal) and Asa Tolson (commercial). Full details of how to apply are on the website.


John Price QC (1982) (QC-2009) † A

Cairns Nelson QC (1987) (QC-2010)

Charles Miskin QC (1975) (QC-1998) † A

Paul Bogan QC (1983) (QC-2011)

James Mulholland QC (1986) (QC-2011)

Zafar Ali QC (1994) (QC-2012) A

Mark Fenhalls QC (1992) (QC-2014) A

Paul Ozin QC (1987) (QC-2016) A

Allison Hunter QC (1986) (QC-2017) A †

Tim Clark QC (1993) (QC-2017) †

Kate Lumsdon QC (1993) (QC-2018) A

Eloise Marshall QC (1994) (QC-2018)

Rossano Scamardella QC (1998) (QC-2018)

Charles Machin (1973)

Michael Harrison (1979)

Walton Hornsby (1980) A

Roy Brown (1983) A

John Riley (1983)

Hugh McKee (1983) A

Rupert Pardoe (1984) A

Stephen Shay (1984)

Wayne Cranston-Morris (1986)

Brian Williams (1986)

Hugh Forgan (1989)

Stephen Pritchett (1989) A

Christopher Amis (1991)

Jonathan Smith (1991)

Richard Milne (1992) A

Richard Moore (1992)

Gerard O’Connor (1993)

James McCrindell (1993)

Rhodri James (2002)

Richard Bentwood (1994)

Adam Watkins (2004) A

Bart Casella (1995) A

Carl Hargan (1995)

Francis McGrath (1995) A

Ian Hope (1996)

Ahmed Hossain (1996)

Bob Sastry (1996) A

Gavin McBride (1996) *

Saul Brody (1996)

Alan Gardner (1997)

Charles Royle (1997)

Neil Sandys (1998) A

Flora Page (1998)

Madeleine Wolfe (1998)

Lesley Bates (1999) A

Oliver Dunkin (1999)

Daniel Fugallo (1999)

Tim Grey (1999) A

Graham Smith (1999)

Zoe Van Den Bosch (1999)

James Bloomer (2000)

Abigail Husbands (2000) A

David Povall (2000)

Christopher Hamlet (2000)

William Eaglestone (2001)

Adrian Harris (2001) A

David Farley (2001)

Rina Marie Hill (2002)

Sonya Saul (2002)

Aisha Khan (2002)

John Dye (2002)

Hamish Common (2003)

Tom Godfrey (2003) A

Nathan Banks (2003)

Rashad Mohammed (2004)

Alexander Upton (2004) A

Brad Pomfret (2004)

Tom Gosling (2004)

Hannah Kinch (2006)

Rebecca Vanstone (2006)

Joseph Templeton (2006)

Iestyn Morgan (2006)

Claire Bunbury (2006)

Safia Iman (2006) †

Patrick Duffy (2007) A

Nathan Rasiah (2007) A

Barry White (2007)

Carolina Cabral (2009) A

Daniel Lister (2009) A

Richard Saynor (2009) A

Jeremy Rosenberg (2009)

Elisabeth Acker (2010) A

Helena Duong (2010)

Victoria Gainza (2010) A

Rupert Wheeler (2010)

Sarah-Kate McIntyre (2011)

Alex Mills (2012)

Asa Tolson (2012)

Sam Trefgarne (2012)

David Dainty (2013)

Daniel O’Donoghue (2013) A

Robert Smith (2014)

Arnold Ayoo (2014)

Sasha Queffurus (2014)

Kelly Cyples (2016)

Michael Murphy (2013)

† Recorder * Door Tenant A Direct/Public Access