Top 3 Legal Acquisition

Chambers and Partners Completes Acquisition of Top 3 Legal

Published on 10 December 2020

Chambers and Partners (Chambers), the worlds leading provider of legal research and analysis, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Top 3 Legal.

Top 3 Legal is an emerging online platform that assists businesses in managing their relationships with external lawyers and law firms. Top 3 Legal allows in-house legal departments to access live information from their colleagues and peers from other organisations to help them identify the external counsel that is right for a particular project. In addition, Top 3 Legal enables in-house legal teams to use a simple and collaborative interface called a Team Sheet to manage their private network of external lawyers and law firms.

The acquisition represents a great opportunity for Chambers to further enhance its market leading position by integrating the Top 3 Legal platform into its existing product portfolio, as part of its digital growth strategy. It will also be key to their ongoing aim of delivering the most relevant and useful products and services to the global legal profession. The founders of Top 3 Legal, Gareth Stephenson and Richard Fleetwood will join Chambers as part of the leadership team following the acquisition.

Chambers are delighted to have Top 3 Legal as part of our portfolio, and in-house teams greatly value the services provided by the Team Sheets. The combination of Chambers and Top 3 Legal will create the de facto source of research and analysis for corporates in choosing legal advice and representation. I look forward to working with Gareth, Richard and the Top 3 Legal team.

Tim Noble, CEO, Chambers and Partners

Chambers is a fantastic brand and we are delighted to be able to accelerate Top 3 Legals growth with the Chambers team and content behind it. Richard and I are excited to be working with the team to carry on with our vision of evolving the legal directories market and creating a legal ecosystem for the benefit of all players in the legal sector.

Gareth Stephenson, Co-Founder, Top 3 Legal

About Chambers and Partners

Chambers and Partners is the worlds leading provider of legal research and analysis and is an independent research company operating across 200 jurisdictions, delivering detailed rankings and insight into the worlds leading lawyers. Chambers empowers organisations to make informed decisions when selecting legal services, saving time and resources and reducing risk. The independent rankings Chambers provides are central to everything we do and are why our research is the industry leader.

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About Top 3 Legal

Top 3 Legal is an online platform that allows businesses to manage their relationships with external lawyers and law firms. It enables inhouse legal departments to instruct the right lawyer for each matter, informed by their knowledge and experience of those external lawyers. This includes access to contractors, freelancers and alternative legal services providers.

Please visit Top 3 Legal for further information.


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