Gender Pay Gap


In April 2017, the Government introduced gender pay gap transparency regulations, which provide a critical measurement of gender equality in the workplace. The figures shows the difference in average earnings between women and men.

Chambers and Partners has completed its analysis, comparing the pay of our staff, all of whom are based in our central London offices. Chambers is committed to equality and diversity in the workplace: men and women in equivalent roles and with the same level of experience are paid equally.

Yet we do report a gender pay gap. Our analysis has found that – outside of our 180-strong research team – we predominately employ long-serving men in senior roles, particularly within the IT and Sales & Business Development teams. Here, the gender bonus gap figure is particularly influenced by the standard commission payments made to our Business Development team.

Our figures for the whole company show:



Research Team

Chambers and Partners employs one of the largest research teams in the world, drawing research professionals from a range of countries. Our research team makes up 65% of the overall company. The figures isolated for our research team show:


We have a challenge ahead of us, but the results of the gender pay gap study into our research team are encouraging. Chambers is investing heavily in the recruitment, training and retention of staff at all levels. By identifying the barriers that hold women back with the workplace, we are better able to create career pathways that help us retain talented women across the board.