International Capabilities

We have introduced a host of new International & Cross-Border rankings across 37 different jurisdictions in Chambers Global 2021, with firms featured on the basis of feedback from clients which focuses specifically on experiences working with the firm in situations requiring the management of cross-border issues.

Many of these new rankings also feature new International Capability Quadrants. The Chambers International Capability Quadrants are a new feature to Chambers Global which go alongside our International & Cross-Border Capabilities rankings. These Quadrants allow clients to see a visual representation of the data behind our international & cross-border rankings for the first time and display which law firms are best placed to assist clients in different forms of complex multi-jurisdictional matters. 

Watch on-demand the Chambers Global International Capabilities Quadrants webinar for insights on the visualisations which provide a visual representation of Chambers recommendations on the law firms best placed to assist clients in complex, multi-jurisdictional issues.

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