Chambers Seminars are jurisdictionally significant panel-led discussions of hot legal topics, granting law firms access to a focussed audience of potential clients. Chambers Seminars includes a diversity programme, based on our global research into the advancement of diversity.

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Upcoming Chambers Seminars

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Past Chambers Seminars

September 2018

September 14 - The State of Insurance - Hong Kong & Asia 2018, Hong Kong
September 19 - Chambers Diversity Seminar: Asunción
September 20 - Chambers Diversity Seminar: Houston
September 24 - Compliance in the Pacific Alliance after Lava Jato, Lima

October 2018

October 17 - Opportunities and Challenges in the Auction of Renewable Energy Projects in Colombia
October 18 - Chambers Diversity Seminar: Washington D.C.
October 30 - Current Trends Challenging the Latin American Region, São Paulo

November 2018

November 20 - The Regulatory Landscape of FinTech, New York
November 29 - FCPA Investigations and OFAC Sanction Programs
November 29 - Focus on Latin America: Opportunities, Challenges and Cross-Border Development 2018
November 30 - Chambers Diversity Seminar: Miami 2018

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