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Chambers UK Bar Awards 2023

About this event

We are delighted to host Chambers UK Bar Awards 2023. The awards recognise a Chambers pre-eminence in the UK. They also reflect achievements over the past 12 months including outstanding work, impressive strategic growth and excellence in client service. They honour the work of sets and individuals across the country based on the research for the recent edition of Chambers UK Bar.

Event Details:
Event date
Thursday, 30 November 2023
6:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Event location
JW Marriott Grosvenor House
Event tiers
Standard Tables Available - Contact Kevin Lloyd at [email protected]

James Cordell - Chambers UK Guide Launch 2023 - Speaker
James Cowdell, Head of UK Bar Research, Chambers and Partners
Sue Perkins - UK Bar Awards 2023 - Host
Sue Perkins, Presenter, Writer, Actor, Director and Comedian

Highlights from 2022 UK Bar Awards

Chambers UK Bar Awards 2023 - Shortlist

Banking – Juniors 
Adam Sher – Fountain Court Chambers 
James Duffy – Fountain Court Chambers 
Nehali Shah – One Essex Court 

Banking – Silks 
Bankim Thanki KC – Fountain Court Chambers 
Ewan McQuater KC – 3 Verulam Buildings 
Hugh Sims KC – Guildhall Chambers 

Banking – Sets  
3 Verulam Buildings 
Fountain Court Chambers 
One Essex Court 

Chancery – Juniors 
Georgia Bedworth – Ten Old Square 
James Weale – Serle Court Chambers 
Ruth Hughes – 5 Stone Buildings 

Chancery – Silks
Alexander Learmonth KC – New Square Chambers 
Paul McGrath KC – Essex Court Chambers 
Tim Penny KC – Wilberforce Chambers 

Chancery – Sets 
5 Stone Buildings  
Serle Court Chambers 
Wilberforce Chambers 

Clinical Negligence 
Clinical Negligence – Juniors 
Esther Gamble – No5 Barristers’ Chambers 
Matthew Barnes – 1 Crown Office Row 
Dr Tejina Mangat – Hailsham Chambers 

Clinical Negligence – Silks 
Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel KC – 1 Crown Office Row 
Robert Weir KC – Devereux Chambers 
William Latimer-Sayer KC – Cloisters 

Clinical Negligence – Sets 
1 Crown Office Row 
No5 Barristers’ Chambers 
Serjeants’ Inn Chambers 

Commercial Dispute Resolution 
Commercial Dispute Resolution – Juniors 
Ciaran Keller – Essex Court Chambers 
Laura Newton – Brick Court Chambers 
Niranjan Venkatesan – One Essex Court 

Commercial Dispute Resolution – Silks
Laurence Rabinowitz KC – One Essex Court 
Patrick Goodall KC – Fountain Court Chambers 
Shaheed Fatima KC – Blackstone Chambers 

Commercial Dispute Resolution – Sets 
Brick Court Chambers 
Essex Court Chambers 
One Essex Court 

Company/Insolvency – Juniors 
Andrew Blake – Erskine Chambers 
Georgina Peters – South Square  
Nigel Dougherty – Erskine Chambers 

Company/Insolvency – Silks 
Andreas Gledhill KC – Blackstone Chambers 
David Allison KC – South Square 
Jonathan Crow KC – 4 Stone Buildings 

Company/Insolvency – Sets 
4 Stone Buildings 
Erskine Chambers 
South Square 

Competition -Juniors
Anneliese Blackwood – Monckton Chambers
David Bailey – Brick Court Chambers
Philip Woolfe – Monckton Chambers

Competition -Silks
Marie Demetriou KC – Brick Court Chambers
Rhodri Thompson KC – Matrix Chambers
Rob Williams KC – Monckton Chambers

Competition - Sets
Brick Court Chambers
Matrix Chambers
Monckton Chambers

Construction – Juniors 
Lucie Briggs – Atkin Chambers 
Paul Cowan – 4 New Square Chambers 
Tom Owen – Keating Chambers 

Construction – Silks 
Chantal-Aimée Doerries KC – Atkin Chambers 
Jonathan Selby KC – Keating Chambers 
Simon Hughes KC – Keating Chambers 

Construction – Sets
4 New Square Chambers 
Atkin Chambers 
Keating Chambers 

Crime – Juniors 
Orla Daly – QEB Hollis Whiteman 
Paul Jarvis – 6KBW College Hill 
Shauna Ritchie – Mayfair Place Chambers

Crime – Silks 
Edward Henry KC – Mountford Chambers  
Oliver Glasgow KC – 2 Hare Court 
Patrick Gibbs KC – Three Raymond Buildings 

Crime – Sets 
Doughty Street Chambers  
Garden Court Chambers 
Three Raymond Buildings 

Employment – Juniors 
Anna Beale – Cloisters 
Melanie Tether – Old Square Chambers 
Rad Kohanzad – 42BR Barristers 

Employment – Silks 
Daniel Oudkerk KC – Essex Court Chambers 
Paul Goulding KC – Blackstone Chambers 
Schona Jolly KC – Cloisters 

Employment – Sets 
Old Square Chambers 

Environment/Planning – Juniors 
Edward Craven – Matrix Chambers 
Monica Feria-Tinta – Twenty Essex  
Rebecca Clutten – Francis Taylor Building 

Environment/Planning – Silks 
Paul Tucker KC – Kings Chambers  
Stephen Tromans KC – 39 Essex Chambers 
Tom Cosgrove KC – Cornerstone Chambers 

Environment/Planning – Sets 
Francis Taylor Building 
Kings Chambers 
Matrix Chambers 

Family – Juniors 
Andrzej Bojarski – 36 Family 
Lily Mottahedan – 1 Hare Court 
Richard Jones – 1GC|Family Law 

Family – Silks 
Alexis Campbell KC – 29 Bedford Row 
James Ewins KC – QEB 
Richard Harrison KC – 1KBW 

Family – Sets 
1 Hare Court 

Health and Safety 
Health and Safety – Juniors 
James Buchanan – 2 Hare Court 
Malcolm Galloway – Crown Office Chambers 
Miles Bennett – 5 Paper Buildings 

Health and Safety – Silks 
Dominic Kay KC – Crown Office Chambers 
Keith Morton KC – Temple Garden Chambers 
Tim Green KC – Henderson Chambers 

Health and Safety – Sets 
2 Bedford Row 
Crown Office Chambers 
Henderson Chambers 

Human Rights and Public Law 
Human Rights and Public Law – Juniors 
Christopher Knight – 11KBW  
Jason Pobjoy – Blackstone Chambers  
Tom Royston – Garden Court North Chambers 

Human Rights and Public Law – Silks 
Angus McCullough KC – 1 Crown Office Row 
Raza Husain KC – Matrix Chambers 
Sonali Naik KC – Garden Court Chambers 

Human Rights and Public Law – Sets 
Blackstone Chambers 
Doughty Street Chambers  
Landmark Chambers 

Insurance – Juniors 
Alexander MacDonald – 7 King’s Bench Walk 
Peter Ratcliffe – 3 Verulam Buildings 
Sushma Ananda – 7 King’s Bench Walk 

Insurance – Silks
Ben Lynch KC – Fountain Court Chambers 
Gavin Kealey KC – 7 King’s Bench Walk 
Rebecca Sabben-Clare KC – 7 King’s Bench Walk 

Insurance – Sets 
4 New Square 
7 King’s Bench Walk 
Fountain Court Chambers 

International Arbitration 
International Arbitration – Juniors 
Can Yeginsu – 3 Verulam Buildings 
Edward Ho – Brick Court Chambers 
Jane Davies Evans – 3 Verulam Buildings 

International Arbitration – Silks 
Ricky Diwan KC – Essex Court Chambers 
Toby Landau KC – Duxton Hill Chambers 
Veronique Buehrlen KC – Keating Chambers 

International Arbitration – Sets 
3 Verulam Buildings 
Essex Court Chambers 
Keating Chambers 

IT/IP – Juniors
Daniel Selmi – Three New Square 
James Whyte – 8 New Square 
Kathryn Pickard – 11 South Square 

IT/IP – Silks
Adrian Speck KC – 8 New Square 
Brian Nicholson KC – 11 South Square 
Simon Malynicz KC – Hogarth Chambers 

IT/IP – Sets
11 South Square 
8 New Square 
Hogarth Chambers 

Inquests and Public Inquiries 
Inquests and Public Inquiries – Juniors 
Georgina Wolfe – 5 Essex Court 
Jesse Nicholls – Matrix Chambers 
Una Morris – Garden Court Chambers 

Inquests and Public Inquiries – Silks
Andrew O’Connor KC – Temple Garden Chambers 
Bridget Dolan KC – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers 
Jason Beer KC – 5 Essex Court 

Inquests and Public Inquiries – Sets
1 Crown Office Row 
5 Essex Court 
Serjeants’ Inn Chambers 

Media, Privacy and Information Law 
Media, Privacy and Information Law – Juniors
Greg Callus – 5RB 
Jonathan Price – Doughty Street Chambers 
Nikolaus Grubeck – Monckton Chambers 

Media, Privacy and Information Law – Silks 
Adam Wolanski KC – 5RB 
Gavin Millar KC – Matrix Chambers 
Heather Rogers KC – Doughty Street Chambers 

Media, Privacy and Information Law – Sets 
Doughty Street Chambers 
Matrix Chambers 

Personal Injury 
Personal Injury – Juniors 
Catherine Foster – Crown Office Chambers 
Justin Levinson – 1 Crown Office Row 
Meghann McTague – 2 Temple Gardens 

Personal Injury – Silks 
Edward Faulks KC – Deka Chambers 
Stephen Killalea KC – Devereux Chambers 
William Audland KC – 12 King’s Bench Walk 

Personal Injury – Sets 
12 King’s Bench Walk 
Byrom Street Chambers 
Outer Temple Chambers 

Professional Discipline 
Professional Discipline – Juniors 
Nicholas Yeo – Three Raymond Buildings 
Peter Mant – 39 Essex Chambers 
Simon Cridland – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers 

Professional Discipline – Silks 
Ivan Hare KC – Blackstone Chambers 
John Beggs KC – Serjeants’ Inn Chambers 
Selva Ramasamy KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman  

Professional Discipline – Sets 
39 Essex Chambers 
5 Essex Court 
Serjeants’ Inn Chambers 

Professional Negligence 
Professional Negligence – Juniors 
Ivor Collett – Crown Office Chambers 
Kate Livesey – 4 Pump Court  
Michael Bowmer – 4 New Square Chambers 

Professional Negligence – Silks 
Jonathan Gaisman KC – 7 King’s Bench Walk 
Jonathan Seitler KC – Wilberforce Chambers 
Nigel Tozzi KC – 4 Pump Court  

Professional Negligence – Sets 
4 New Square Chambers 
7 King’s Bench Walk 
Brick Court Chambers 

Real Estate 
Real Estate – Juniors 
Elizabeth Fitzgerald – Falcon Chambers 
Jamal Demachkie – Gatehouse Chambers 
Justin Bates – Landmark Chambers  

Real Estate – Silks 
Joanne Wicks KC – Wilberforce Chambers 
Philip Rainey KC – Tanfield Chambers 
Tom Weekes KC – Landmark Chambers 

Real Estate – Sets 
Falcon Chambers 
Landmark Chambers 
Wilberforce Chambers 

Shipping – Juniors 
Caroline Pounds – Quadrant Chambers 
Nevil Phillips – Quadrant Chambers 
Oliver Caplin – Twenty Essex 

Shipping – Silks 
Elizabeth Blackburn KC – 36 Stone 
Luke Parsons KC – Quadrant Chambers 
Michael Collett KC – Twenty Essex 

Shipping – Sets 
Quadrant Chambers 
Twenty Essex 

Tax – Juniors 
Imran Afzal – Field Court Tax Chambers 
Jonathan Schwarz – Temple Tax Chambers 
Laura Poots – Pump Court Tax Chambers 

Tax – Silks 
David Ewart KC – Pump Court Tax Chambers 
Michael Jones KC – Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers 
Valentina Sloane KC – Monckton Chambers 

Tax – Sets 
11 New Square  
Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers 
Pump Court Tax Chambers 

Regional Set of the Year 
Deans Court Chambers 
Exchange Chambers  
Guildhall Chambers 
No5 Barristers’ Chambers 
Parklane Plowden  
St Philips Chambers 

Client Service Set of the Year 
12 King’s Bench Walk  
Deka Chambers 
Devereux Chambers 
Garden Court Chambers 
Parklane Plowden  
St Ives Chambers 

Chambers D&I Awards: UK Bar Awards 2023 – Shortlist

Diversity & Inclusion: Future Leader 
Danielle Manson - Garden Court Chambers  
Jessica Powers - New Square Chambers  
Jo Moore - 1 Crown Office Row 
Niamh Cleary - Fountain Court Chambers 
Ruchi Parekh - Cornerstone Barristers  
Sarah Williams - Keating Chambers 

Diversity & Inclusion: Outstanding Contribution
Fallon Alexis - QEB Hollis Whiteman  
Grace Brown - Garden Court Chambers  
Leigh-Ann Mulcahy KC - Fountain Court Chambers  
Lucy Garrett KC - Keating Chambers  
Sheryl Nwosu - 25 Bedford Row 

Diversity & Inclusion: Outstanding Set 
12 King's Bench Walk 
Brick Court Chambers  
Coram Chambers 
Fountain Court Chambers 
Garden Court Chambers 
Keating Chambers 
Matrix Chambers 
New Square Chambers 
Radcliffe Chambers 


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