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South Korea
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Yulchon has been highly regarded for its expertise and accomplishments in the area of capital markets, securities, structured products and derivatives related transactions covering all aspects of international capital markets. We also regularly advise banks as lenders as well as corporate borrowers on a wide array of banking work involving bank loans, structured finance, finance-linked derivatives for hedging purpose, asset-backed securitization, real estate finance, acquisition finance, asset finance (including ship and aircraft finance) and project finance. In addition, Yulchon has vast experience in advising major banks, asset management companies and investment trust companies in their management of various types of funds. ​
Yulchon’s Banking & Finance Practice differs from its competitors as below:

Proven experts from diverse areas
Our team is consisted of proven experts from diverse areas including both Korean and global financial institutions and market/regulatory authorities.

Market leader
Over the years, our team has led the banking and finance market particularly in aircraft financing, structured finance, and derivatives.

Profit-driven new business model development
Our team has worked to introduce highly-profitable new business models in Korean legal market.

Endless innovation and convergence of expertise
Our team has continued to pursue innovation and convergence of legal expertise, industry knowledge, and cutting-edge technology.


Cho, Christopher Joon Tae

Choi, Jin Seok

Hur, Ben

Kim, Kyu Sik

Park, Sung Keun

Yoon, Hee Woong