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The Real Estate Group at Yigal Arnon & Co. is one of the oldest, largest, finest and most experienced teams in Israel.

Our practice represents some of the most prominent real estate development and construction companies in the country. We have also played a part in many of Israel’s largest real estate projects and transactions, whether undertaken by commercial companies or high-net-worth individuals from Israel or abroad.

For decades, we have represented clients in the full range of real estate transactions. This includes deals involving residential projects, public buildings, commercial projects, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and joint ventures. It also includes acquiring real estate companies in Israel and abroad, purchasing groups, and planning urban renewal and other complex projects on private land or on Israel Lands Authority properties.

We provide all real estate registration-related requirements for our clients and when necessary, and in light of our extensive experience, provide litigation in all matters concerning real estate – from pre-litigation negotiations to court proceedings – in our venues and tribunals. 

We are one of the only law firms in Israel whose real estate practice is able to provide a full range of advice on tax-related matters. Our tax counsel begins in the pre-deal stages and continues through pre-rulings from the tax authorities, performance of the deal, and preparing and filing the necessary reports with the Land Tax Authority. 

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Real Estate - Israel
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What the team is known for

Yigal Arnon - Tadmor Levy is a newly merged firm comprising of former firms Yigal Arnon and Tadmor Levy. The firm is distinguished in Israel for offering a wealth of experience in real estate transactions. Its real estate team is involved in a wide variety of residential, urban renewal, commercial, leisure and infrastructure projects. With offices in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, it has an impressive client roster that includes contractors, developers, owners, tenants and financial institutions. It also advises governmental companies and non-profit organisations and offers further strength in construction financing and land acquisitions.


One interviewee enthused: "The matters at hand presented legal and business complexities in which the team's expertise and attitude proved to be priceless."

Other sources agree that the service they receive from the firm is of a "high standard," adding: "They understand the customer's needs."

Work highlights

A Yigal Arnon - Tadmor Levy team led by Hagit Bavly continues to advise the Azrieli Group in connection with the expansion of the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv.

Notable practitioners

Tel Aviv-based Hagit Bavly is widely recognised for her deep understanding of the real estate market in Israel, with noted expertise in financing, planning and M&A work. Her impressive client list includes both domestic and international investors and insurers.
"She is excellent."

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Yigal Arnon - Tadmor Levy

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Hagit Bavly
Hagit Bavly
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Provided by Yigal Arnon - Tadmor Levy

Adam Spruch

Adi Daniel Zamir

Amalia Meshi

Amnon Lorch

Aner Hefetz

Asaf Eylon

Benjamin Horef

Dani Weisberg

Daniel Abarbanel

David Akrish

David Osborne

Ezra Gross

Goor Koren

Guy Fatal

Guy Fuhrer

Hagai Shmueli

Harel Sinai

Keren Tal

Lareine Khoury

Lee Maor

Liad Kalderon

Maytal Spivak

Moshe Lankry

Naftali Nir

Natalie Korenfeld

Nir Rodnizky

Ofir Schwartz

Or Lev

Rachel Lerman

Ravid Saar

Rinat Michael

Ron Ashkenazi

Shahar Uziely

Shiran Glitman

Sivan Gilron Dotan

Tamar Gilboa

Victoria Savu

Yael Hoefler

Yael Meretyk Hanan

Yehonatan Cohen

Yehudit Biton

Yonatan Whitfield