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Intellectual Property

Wyatt's IP Team assists clients across the full spectrum of industry, business operations, and related areas of law - Biotechnology, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Mechanical, Electronic, Computer, Copyright, Trademark, Licensing and Development, Confidentiality Agreements, Employee Non-Compete Agreements, Corporate IP Audits, IP-Secured Lending, Entertainment and Fine Arts, Trade Secrets, and Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret, and other litigation involving all these and other IP subject matter.  We also manage protection of intellectual property in numerous foreign countries through established relationships with top firms there.

We regularly team with lawyers in our Firm's other service areas to protect client interests in transactions like new business startups, securities offerings, and corporate and asset purchases and sales.  We work closely with our human resource law colleagues to ensure that employers own and can protect information shared with or developed by their personnel, and conversely do not become vulnerable to lawsuits when they hire employees formerly associated with competitors. 


Beverage Distillers

Educational Institutions

Independent Researchers and Inventors

Manufacturing Companies

Medical Device Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies