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For several years, our finance team has been leading legal advisors in the Norwegian and international banking and finance market, with extensive experience from a number of complex and high-profile transactions. Our lawyers have played an important role in the development of the finance market in Norway. We carried out the very first public-private partnership project in Norway, and in subsequent years we have acquired substantial expertise on this area.

We assist our clients with loan agreements and guarantee facilities, derivatives, acquisition financing and project financing, restructuring processes and insolvency. We also have experience with major disputes regarding default in various engagements and with pledges, for instance share pledges.

Legislation for those operating in banking, finance and insurance is extensive and complex, which means that the requirements in terms of legal special expertise are particularly high. We have great expertise on public law and long experience with assisting private businesses in their contact with public authorities. Good advice requires thorough knowledge of the enterprises' business sector and conditions of competition. We see the businesses' needs in a greater context and suggest good solutions within the legal limits that apply.


Sverdrup, Kaare (Head of Department)

Gabrielsen, Atle

Moltu, Petter Thomren

Øverby, Kristine Hasle

Trøbråten, Kjersti T

Viga-Gerhardsen, Hans Kenneth



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