Ward Hadaway

Information Technology Department

North East
Current View:

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  • We have an understanding of the issues and know the questions to ask from a combined technical and legal perspective.
  • We act for IT providers and developers as well as customers from both public and private sectors, which gives us a broad understanding of the commercial issues from both sides of the fence and is helpful in negotiations.
  • We also deal with a number of IT companies in different jurisdictions including continental Europe and the US, which gives a broad perspective on how risks are perceived and issues addressed.
  • Understanding the mismatched mindsets in outsourcing / managed services between customers (who expect suppliers to assume legal/regulatory risk) and IT providers (where the industry approach is to limit liability to price).
  • Ability to deal with the privacy issues inherent in IT and telecoms; a significant proportion of developments in IT involve data and privacy issues. For example, Internet of Things (IOT), artificial intelligence (IT), cloud stored data, technical capacities to prevent data breaches such as deliberate "doxing" by disgruntled employees and to keep the profiling and analytic capabilities of software solutions compliant.
  • Underpinning everything, we strive to provide an attentive and responsive service; with transparency and value for money on costs.