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Vergara y Cía. is a leading boutique studio, with an adviser consultant profile, founded in 1994. This Firm has a team of lawyers specialised in Energy, Natural Resources, Mining and Water Law in Chile. That has been recognized not only by national and international rankings, but mainly by peers and stakeholders).

Our practice is focused on giving conflict prevention strategies and legal counsel to our clients, as well as representing them on judicial and administrative proceedings needed for their commercial or industrial activities.

Our specialized knowledge in Energy, Natural Resources, Water, Public and Mining Law, as well as the combination of professional and academic activities of our lawyers, allow us to provide our clients much more systematic and comprehensive legal strategies, considering that conflicts usually arise involving all these areas.

We specialize in the elaboration of legal reports and minutes, analysing and giving solutions about specific topics on our areas of practice; the development and direct conduction of defense strategies; the conduction of judicial and administrative procedures before courts and public offices, as well as the consultancy for litigation and corporate law firms. In Energy, Natural resources and Water Law we perform analysis of land and water titles, easements, establishment and protection of concessions, request of water rights, perfection of water rights and formal requests of permits and licenses, among others.


Garcia, Luis

Muñoz, María Angelica

Muñoz Escudero, Gonzalo

Rivera, Daniela

Rojas, Juan Andrés

Suazo, Nicolas

Vergara, Alejandro




Energy Power Generation




Sanitary Industries

Water Users Organizations

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